Friday, January 11, 2013

Over 20 ways to have Fun for Free in the Winter

   In our quest to spend less and save more money this year I thought it would be fun to share with you various ideas for having fun in the winter without spending money. Entertainment can cost a lot for some people but money really isn't necessary for having fun.

Here are some ideas (and I will look forward to hearing more ideas from you in the comments!)

Wintry Outside Fun

  • Sledding. Hopefully you already have sleds - if not try blowing up an old inner tube, using a piece of cardboard or an old plastic political sign. Get creative!
  • Cross Country Skiing (if you have equipment already)
  • Skating (again - if you have equipment - maybe you can barter for some if not.)
  • Make Snowmen, igloos or have a snowball fight.
  • Take a walk. When you start getting a little exercise it doesn't feel so cold - especially when you do bundle up and you are having to move that bundled up body around. Winter can be very beautiful!
  • Play Broomball - you just need some old brooms (you can fix them up a little if you like), a ball, something to mark goals and a packed surface. (here are more high tech instructions than what we follow.)

Fun things to do at Home (indoors)

  •  Play Games. This is something we usually do at least one evening a week in the winter.
  • Read - this can be either done individually or the way we love - aloud and together! You can always check out books free at the library if you don't have any of your own.
  • Do crafts. Again this is fun to do either by yourself or with the family. There are so many fun things to make that you can make using things you already have on hand - whether regularly craft supplies or "trash".
  • Sew - maybe your family would enjoy making a quilt out of old clothes together.
  •  Cook or Bake together. We have to eat anyway right? Why not have a fun time working together to make something. Doughnuts are a fun treat.

  •  Turn your house into a cafe. Have fun with it just as your family or invite somebody else over that would enjoy it too. The kids love to be waiters and waitresses.

  •  Watch movies - either from your collection or get some from the library or watch one that is shown on TV (maybe record it so you can zoom through the commercials).
  • Do some puzzles.
  •  Invite over some company. It doesn't have to be fancy. Share a simple meal or some snacks, play games if you like or just visit. Have fun together.
  • Play some music together or enjoy a time of singing. Winter time is a great to get out the instruments that may have been neglected during the summer months.

Places to go for Frugal Fun


  • Church and Church events. It is free, it is beneficial and we love it!
  • Community Concerts. Our town has free ones fairly often - sponsored by the library, the high school, the university, churches or other things - there is often a lot of music available to hear.
  • Attend events at your library. Ours has story time, story tellers, magic shows and more at various times.
  • Check for free nights at museums or if you already have a membership then you can make use of it. Yesterday we had a blast spending the whole day at the History Center in St. Paul. We bought the membership last year (when going to another place) and since Ken had to travel down there anyway we all went (and stayed with friends) and then had a fun day at the museum with no additional admission charge. (And sorry no photos from that as I still can't seem to upload pictures - I am recycling pictures right now that are already on my blog elsewhere.)
  • Visit others. Many lonely older people would probably love to have you visit. Even busy families often enjoy having friends visit. I know we do and the friends that we visited this week seemed to enjoy having us come as well.
  • Plan a concert or something else to share at a nursing home. Call and check - usually they are very glad to have you  and they are not expecting perfection.

 What do you like to do in the winter that is free? Please share your ideas!


Anonymous said...

Fun post. I have been getting some sewing ideas today while cleaning out the storage area....... Your pictures brought back many fun memories! Mom

KL said...

What a fun list! We do a lot of walking year-round now that we have a dog. I really love it! If you have good warm winter gear (including snowpants and a head sock!) even single-digit temperatures aren't bad. It makes a big difference in my mind and energy when I get a little sunshine and fresh air every day!

Jackie said...

Great list, Abbi! Pinning it. :)


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