Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pray for your Husband

 So have you joined me in writing down things we are thankful for about our husbands, found things in common (and spent time with them), and served our husbands?

  This last week I did definitely have opportunities for serving Ken as he was having some health issues and I got to work on doctoring him (and he is feeling better now and thinks what I did probably helped so Yeah!) and just serving him more than normal in other ways since he wasn't feeling so good.

  This week I plan on concentrating on praying for Ken. I do try to pray for him regularly but I want to do that even more. I think it is important to pray for their spiritual needs as well as their physical needs. I pray for him concerning his role as a Father and Husband, concerning his business, his health, his safety and his relationship with God.

  I truly think prayer is a powerful tool and I hope to use it even more than ever before. I think it is always important to remember that when you pray concerning somebody else (husband, child, anybody...) that you are talking to a God who made them and knows them inside and out and loves them more than we can imagine - way more than we do.

  Prayer is an important thing to remember when we are enjoying our husbands and when we are not. No matter the situation - Lets pray!!!

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Maryann said...

I always make sure I pray out loud in front of my 4 yr old son how grateful I am for dad, hoping he had a great day at work, and safe drive home.


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