Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Serve One Another in Love

 Well, how is your marriage doing?

   Lord willing, you are doing great but even if that is the case and especially if it isn't, I hope you will join me in working to have stronger more Godly marriages.

  In case you are new here I will give a bit of background - I am doing a series on marriage this year (a new post every Wednesday) and in each post I am telling about a way I am challenging myself to be a better wife and in the process I am hoping to challenge you as well.

  The first week I encouraged starting a list in which each day you would write one thing about your husband that you are thankful for. My list does now have 16 items on it. This has been fun.

  Last week the challenge was to develop common interests. You can read more about that here. This past week we did have some really fun times together but then I did skip out on one opportunity that we could have spend time together because it was doing something that wasn't really my style but I kind of regretted that afterwards.

  This week I want to concentrate on SERVICE. I want to better follow Galatians 5:13 where it says: "Through love serve one another". Now I know I already do serve Ken in many ways (and he serves me as well) and I am sure that is true in your marriages as well. However I thought in keeping with the idea of showing him love and encouraging a strong marriage that it would be fun to step it up a notch. To really look for little (or maybe big) ways that I am not serving him already and serve him in that area. Not serving with the idea of getting something in return but simply as a way to express my love for him.

  Would you care to join me? Maybe we can make this a habit!



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