Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Encouraging each other to have Godly Marriages

  Some time ago I remember hearing that the 7th and 15th years of marriage (I think there was some statistical proof to this - but I am not sure) were the ones when many people struggle. I remember when I heard that I thought back to our 7th year and thought "That sounds right to me" as that had been a harder year for us. Anyway whether there is truth in that or not and no matter what year of marriage you are in (whether it is your first or you fiftieth!), I think we should always be working on building up our marriages.

  Last month Ken and I celebrated our 14th year of marriage so we are in our 15th year - so I thought this would be a great year to really focus both in our personal life and on this blog on ways that I can grow in my role as a godly wife and that I would concentrate on working on my marriage. So I have planned to do a weekly series throughout the whole year that will include ways I am challenging myself and you (if you are a wife) to grow in your marriage.

My Challenge for this week -actually for the year!

Make a list of the things about your husband that you are thankful for. Every day add one.

My goal is to add one thing each day for the whole year (365!) I am going to try to make each one different. I think there are probably 365 things about Ken that I can thank God for.
  I feel very strongly that focusing on thankfulness (rather than negatives) can really be super helpful in many, many areas and I think it can work wonders in our marriages.
  I know there are times when I have had down days and things don't seem to be going very well and I am truly feeling grumpy and then if I start to make a list of things that I am thankful to God for my day and my attitude will often very quickly make a turn-around. Whether you need a big turn-around in your marriage or if you are doing pretty good (but we can always do better, can't we?) I think it will be beneficial to thank God for your husband!
  Will you be joining me? I would love to have you....
I am hoping to share some of the other dreams I have for my life and this blog this year soon. I am excited about 2013!
Also if you have an idea for a shorter more concise title for this marriage series I would love to hear it! I have trouble with being too wordy! As far as this series goes I will be posting on it every Wednesday, Lord willing.


Ben@Zuo Modern Furniture said...

This is so exciting post! Thank you for the good ideas!

Serving A Generation for Jesus said...

Looking forward to the series. :-)

HappyMommy said...

I am excited to follow this series. My husband and I
are celebrating our 14th anniversary this month so we will be in our 15th year too. I like your 365 things to be thankful for idea......a great gift for our 15th anniversary. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this series! Because of your post, I was inspired to send an email to my husband of 7 things I love and appreciate about him. One of his primary love languages is words spoken, which I have to remind myself of many times, so receiving this weekly email from your series will be the perfect reminder. With a great reminder like this, it won't be hard at all for me to come up with seven things a week to tell my husband I love and appreciate about him. I am looking forward to this series!

Stephanie Wilson said...

I think I might get in on this too! We've been struggling lately and I think this "project" would really help me to cultivate more gratitude and contentment, and to take my focus off the things that bother or hurt me. Thanks!

Anna said...

What about just "Encouraging Godly Marriages".

I think (referring to the later post) that you have done a really good job of joining Ken in his passions and that has truly been an encouragement for me.


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