Saturday, November 8, 2014

Doors and Windows!!

 Last week a pretty fun delivery arrived from the lumber yard (with my brother Luke doing the delivering) - Windows! I love windows and it was pretty exciting to see these arrive. Normally I think just about how I love how windows can let the sunshine in but lately I have also been thinking about their purpose of keeping cold air out - windows work much better than open holes!
 Later that day the doors also arrived. Our contractor and his crew of two are pretty speedy at putting doors and windows in. When we have done it we can spend hours on one door or window but they pretty much did the whole house in one day.

 I am really rather liking our front door. Hopefully it will be used many times to welcome in guests to our home. We decided to go with a fiberglass door but with a wood look - and though I don't normally like "fake" stuff I think this looks pretty nice and I am very happy that we won't be dealing with the moisture/swelling issues that real wood can have.
 Here is the door for our mud room. We have one like it but without windows for our garage service door. I think this door is cute too. I am pretty happy with our door choices. This is a steel door.
 We are still missing the french doors for our dining room as you can see in the right hand side of the picture above. I guess they must be taking longer to make.  The living room windows are in though and I am loving the sun room sort of look.
 Here is a picture from the inside. We are planning on having a window seat all along the big south window. I think it will be great for lots of seating when we have company and also just a nice place to sit and soak in the sunshine. I have always loved the idea of a window seat so we planned this house to have one. Above the window Ken designed an alcove where a screen can go. He is putting on the ceiling on the opposite side of the room a projector. This way we can watch movies or Ken can watch his ball games in the living room without needing to have an ugly TV in there. This was Jonathan's brilliant idea.

   One step at a time this house is getting done. This was one of those exciting steps. :-)

Last week the Sheetrock was also put up (A really speedy crew did this in a day and a half) and this week the started on the taping.
We put up more siding on the garage today (while it snowed!) and hopefully will be able to start on the house before long.
On Sunday afternoon we had our last warm day with a night above freezing so I did as much more rock as I could. We have a lot of the cultured stone put on the house now. What I haven't done now will probably have to wait until spring as it is doubtful that their will be another night this fall and winter that stays above freezing.

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Amy and Mark said...

The view from your living room is beautiful! No wonder you wished for all of those windows! :)


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