Saturday, November 15, 2014

We're In!

 It's been a quiet week on this blog because we have had a lot going on. We made the move from the Garage to the House. The house is not done (still no toilets, sinks or showers - but we can get water from the pressure tank or the outside faucets) but it is warm and our garage was not. The temperature the last couple days we were in there did not manage to get out of the 40's (inside- the outside was in the single digits some of the time) which is just a little too cool for living comfortably.

   We have set up living quarters in the basement while we work to get the upstairs done. The current project for the house is mudding and taping the drywall which we have professionals doing. They said they should be done with that and ready for me to paint around Wednesday.

We also have the fireplace project moving forward. My sister and brother-in-law and their family are up from the cities and my brother-in-law is laying the stone with we ladies (my niece, my sister,  Mara and I) helping as we can while my nephew makes the mortar. It has been very fun to see this project progress.

  I would share more pictures but the computer that I usually use is still hooked up in the garage (and I just don't feel like trying to blog in frigid temperatures) and so I am using Ken's laptop and don't have pictures uploaded to it so I just have this one which I took from Ken's facebook page.
 Our fireplace is coming along

We are supposed to get our internet switched to the house on Monday and so hopefully someday soon I will be able to blog regularly again as my fingers will not feel like they are freezing. However regular blogging may have to wait until walls are painted, floors are down and we don't have company. We are excited to have Ken's parents coming to visit next week. We are hoping we will be able to get one of the upstairs rooms ready before they come (at least ready enough) and that we will have a water heater, shower and toilet!

Have a wonderful week!


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Can't wait for more pictures!

Abbi said...

Thank you Lea!


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