Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Please Remember to Seek God's Wisdom as You Vote

    Election day is here! We are blessed to live in a country that at the very founding of it people chose to allow the normal, everyday citizens to be allowed to do the running of this country. We have a republic at that means that the power belongs to the people. We are given the responsibility of choosing leaders (from among us) whom we think will best represent us in making decisions for our city, our county, our state and our country. We have a big responsibility and it is not one that we should take lightly.

  So, as you head into election day I am asking that you will realize how important it is that you let your voice be heard. But most importantly that you seek to know how God would want you to vote. How do these people stand on the issues that are very important to Him? Do they stand for life? Do they stand up for religious freedom? Will the choices they make allow you to worship freely, to teach your children freely and live the life that God wants you to live?

 For my fellow Minnesotans I would just like to tell you a little about some of the candidates that are running that I have met personally and visited with and I would really like to recommend that you would vote for....

For Governor- Jeff Johnson
I have been privileged to meet Jeff Johnson on numerous occasions and have found him to be an extremely thoughtful and kind man. He is pro-life and wants to have a more limited government so that we can make our own choices concerning how to live our lives. He is involved in his church and feels that parents should be able to make their own choices concerning educating their children. I urge you to vote for Jeff!

For Secretary of State - Dan Seversen
I have had the honor of getting to know Dan and KathyJo some and have come to respect them. They love the Lord, and they care about our state and country. Dan wants to work hard to make sure that there integrity in elections (no voter fraud which we currently have troubles with). Something that has no bearing on his ability to serve but that I find fun is that they also live on the Mississippi river - just quite a ways south of us. We have joked about sending messages in bottles down to them. :-)

For State Auditor - Randy Gilbert
This man is a hard worker. He always seems so upbeat and positive whenever we see him. He also is actually an auditor (something our current state auditor isn't) and has experience with dealing with finances and money and wants to make sure that our state carefully uses the money that comes from us - the taxpayers.

For Attorney General - Scott Newman
I have only met this man briefly but I am sure that he will do a good job for our state.

For Senator- Mike McFadden
Here is a man who is pro-life, has business experience, feels strongly about good education (allowing parents to make decisions) for our children and knows how to work hard. This is something we do not have currently.

For US House district 7 - Torey Westrom
I have truly enjoyed getting to know Torey and his family a little this election season.  Torey has a very neat story as a man who became blind as a teenager but has overcome odds by going on to become an attorney and then has been a state representative and senator. I enjoyed visiting with him about the importance of parents having the freedom to educate their children the way they want to. He is also pro-life. I have been amazed by his memory and knowledge.

For US House district 8- Stewart Mills
We had the honor of seeing Stewart last night (along with Torey and Dave Hancock) and was impressed yet again with with his common sense approach to life. If something is bothering you (such as the state of our country) then do something about it - don't just sit back and complain. Stewart runs a very good business but he has decided that he needs to step forward and do something about our country - not just sit back and complain. He is pro-life, pro-constitution and is willing to work hard.

For State House 2A - Dave Hancock
This is a man I am happy to call a friend. He is such a kind and thoughtful person. Slow to speak but when he speaks people listen because he has obviously but thought into his words. He is strongly pro-life. He feels passionately about standing up for the constitution and state's rights. He is an extremely hard worker and and am praying that he will be able to win.

Please go vote - and please seek to honor God in that vote. 

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