Saturday, November 22, 2014

Out of the Dust {A book Review}

A while back I was privileged to receive and read the book "Out of the Dust" by Avis Goodhart with Marti Pieper. It is the story of an "Unlikely Missionary" - Avis.

  The book was very interesting to read. It tells about Avis' growing up years and some of the hardships she went through. She had a Father who struggled with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from his time in the war and since he thought people were always watching them and about to get them they would move from place to place- sleeping in their car or wherever they could find a bed. As one who had a very stable childhood it is hard for me to imagine a life like that where there may not be food for the next meal or a bed for the night.

  The book also briefly touches on the sexual molestation that she had to face as a child from an uncle. That sort of thing is so hard for me to read - it just turns my stomach. I wish that no child (or anybody) ever would have to go through something like that. Avis tells of her early marriage and then also a divorce before long.

   A hard, hard life and we might wonder how God will use someone that has had to go through so much and just feels broken but what is super cool and awesome is that He can. He specializes in restoring lives and making lives brand-new.

   The book goes on to tell of Avis finding peace in God and then being able to reach out to others through teaching (special ed) and then of her desire to go to other countries to be a missionary and how God brought that about and how he was able to use her to do some pretty cool things where she went.

Our God is so good! He can work in truly amazing ways! It was very neat to read how Avis allowed God to work through her life. May you and I also be open to letting God work through us!

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Lavish Bookshelf said...

Hello. I'm stopping by to visit your blog from this book tour. This book really challenges people, doesn't it? Hard to remember how good will come out of every hardship.

Abbi said...

Thanks for stopping by!


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