Friday, December 19, 2014

A Little Crafting, A Lot of Work on the House and Rejoicing over Hot Running Water!

 At this time of year our home is generally busy with all sorts of little projects destined to be a gift for someone. This year not a lot of that has been going on as we are so occupied with finishing our house. Holidays have rather taken a back seat.

   On the house end of things it was an extremely exciting week for us - We now have a hot water heater and it is hooked up to a shower and a (temporary - as we wait for the counter-top and our final one) kitchen sink!!! We didn't realize how much we appreciate those things until we went without them in our home for nearly 4 months. I know that through time and even many people now - live without those luxuries and do just fine but I sure am thankful for them! We also are pretty excited to have are cabinets installed and I am over halfway done with the tiling. Things are going well.

   We did do a little crafting at our homeschool group gathering earlier this month and I thought I would share some of the pictures that I took from that time.

One of the Mom's taught some different fun paper folding at one table.
 Snowmen (which we think will work good to put homemade dry hot chocolate mix into for a gift) were made at another table. This was a fun recycling project as a lot of cream for coffee is used at church and all these bottles were saved from that and this was a great way to use them up.

Another mom and I had a table for birch projects. She helped them make bookmarks and I had other birchbark art available to make. I had fun making samples for that with Megan's help.

One mom brought sugar cookies to decorate - always one of the most popular stations in the eyes of the children.

 One mom was asked by the Salvation Army if we could help assemble some gifts to hand out to people at nursing homes. The kids (and moms) had fun decorating these little boxes and putting candy inside. They put together 300 of them.

  Yesterday we then went to the nursing homes and an apartment building for the elderly and we handed them out. It was a lot of fun. My kids and I also did our singing at the nursing home and we had fun singing carols and they seemed to really enjoy listening. It is a blessing to be able to spend some time with the elderly among us.

    Have you been making things lately? I would love to hear about any projects that you have going on or have already completed!

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