Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do We Really Believe?

We enjoyed the pink sky and grey frosty trees when driving to town yesterday morning.
"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may adequate, equipped for every good work."
 2 Timothy 3: 16 & 17

Do we truly believe this verse - that ALL scripture is inspired by God with many uses?

 This evening at church it was brought up how many young adults are leaving the church (Statistically- world wide) even though they were raised there. When asked "why?" many of them said that it was because the leaders or other in the church were hypocrites.

   This evening the discussion went on to say that a large way that hypocrisy is happening in the church is when people will say that they believe the Bible and that it is the inspired word of God BUT.... The earth may really be millions/billions of years old and creation took a long time OR God may have used the evolutionary process to begin life OR We don't need to worry about certain instructions in the Bible because that is only for that culture OR That word doesn't really mean what it sounds like it means.

 When people don't take the whole Bible as the inspired and accurate word of God that should be followed completely it is going to cause people to say: "Why should we follow any of it?" And truly, I think that makes sense - Either believe it - or don't. It isn't really going to help you to just believe parts of it. We are told in Revelation to either be hot or cold - don't bother with the Lukewarm stuff - God doesn't want that at all!

  I really feel pretty passionately about this subject. If you believe the Bible is what this verse says it is then I challenge you to read it and study it and try to follow it as it is with no twisting to go along with whatever you may have already thought. We don't want the world to be telling us what to think nor do we want any wrong doctrine from our past - Only the Bible!


Nola said...

I agree...sadly it is hard to find a church like this. We had to leave a church that we found out did not feel this way even though their statement of faith was worded in a good way. They believed it did not matter about Genesis. We felt it was too dangerous for our children. We then found out that many "conservative" churches in our area also did not believe in Genesis/felt it was unimportant. There is a good book by Ken Ham that talks about young adults leaving the church...its called "Already Gone".

Annie F. said...

Do you really think it's hypocrisy around evolution that's driving people away? I see it much more in the trouble in following Jesus' commandments. How many of us really try to love our enemies? How many of us give our cloak and our tunic to those in need? I think it's hard for people to see us read to Gospel every week and then go on stained in sin in our actions.

Abbi said...

Nola - I am sorry that you have had such a hard time finding a church that is faithful to the Bible. That is really sad. I feel very blessed to be a part of one that finds all of the Bible to be true and strives to follow and teach it.

Abbi said...

I certainly don't think that it is only the evolution/creation issue that is causing people to fall away. I think what you mentioned is very important too and you are right that when people see hypocrisy in Christians it is going to cause them to doubt often. I do however think the Creation issue is an extremely important one and if the beginning of the Bible isn't true (which is what all our public schools teach and so many children and adults are now believing that) then why would we believe the rest of the Bible either? This is an area that Christianity is majorly being attached in - it is foundational and many Christians don't even seem to care.


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