Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Mural and Other Progress on the House

  This week was not our normal schedule but it still ended up being a good one for getting things done. We only had workers at our house basically on one day- Tuesday. But that was a busy day. Our contractor was here putting trim around windows and hanging one of the bathroom doors. The heating guys were here fixing up the zoning for the furnace, putting in the dryer vent and other things and the plumber was here putting in a couple more toilets (and pulling one out so that I  could do the tile underneath it), hooking up some sinks and another shower/tub. It was fun to see all the progress!

   We meanwhile kept working on floors. I also used muriatic acid to clean and treat the fireplace.

The girls and I also got to have a lot of fun working on another project. Mara had thought it would be fun to paint a tree in their room so we decided to give it a go yesterday before the flooring went into that room.
 We decided to put it in one corner where it was unlikely we would put any furniture. First we drew a tree on the wall with pencil. Then we painted it all with a plain brown and then went over it with other browns to try to make it look more like bark. Mara cut oak leaf shapes from sponges and we dipped them in various colors of green to make the leaves.

Megan painted a purple prairie clover on the wall by the base of the tree.
 This is our current finished product but before the floor and trim and we also have more ideas for this area but I will update once we get them done.
 I had a lot of fun painting violets and harebells in our picture.
 Here are Megan's flowers.

This was truly a fun project. One that allowed us to express a lot of creativity. It is one of those projects that feel a little scary to begin but very fun once you get going. We just had to realize that it doesn't have to be perfect for us to enjoy it. Also - if we don't like it or want to change we only have to paint over it.

Today the guys (I did help a little too) made some good progress at getting more flooring done. My music area now has flooring and the girl's room is partly done too.
That is life at our house - What is going on at at yours?


Amy and Mark said...

Wow! The tree and flowers are beautiful! I am sure the girls will enjoy them for many years! I think it's most children's dream to paint on their walls!

The Tripletts said...

Nice job ladies! The artwork is beautiful.

Anna said...

The mural turned out beautiful!

Abbi said...

Thanks ladies! We did have a lot of fun working on it. We are now dreaming up murals for other walls but I don't know if they will get done or not. When we finish our basement I do really want to do a map of the Mississippi river down there.


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