Monday, December 22, 2014

A New Oven = Baking Day

 The excitement of the day at our house was the delivery of our new appliances (stove, fridge, washer, dryer and over oven microwave). We had left all of those things in our old house when we sold and though we did have my "flower" fridge to use and a little old microwave (that Ken had replaced with something better at his office) the other things we had gone without for 4 months.

  We have made it fine. I have a Mom who did all our laundry during that time except for 2 times that I went to the laundry mat. I feel extremely blessed to have a Mother that helps us in such loving practical ways!

  We also have been able to use the oven at our church building which we mostly did on the days that I taught piano lessons there. We basically still made bread every week (Mara became the expert bread maker while I taught lessons) but we didn't manage to do much other baking as hauling all the ingredients needed to another location was a little challenging. So when the oven arrived today everybody was feeling rather excited.

"Can we make cookies?"

"Can I make a sponge cake?"

"I want to make pie!"

"Sure. Go ahead. Sounds good to me too. I'll throw something in the oven for supper too."

The boys made chocolate chip cookies. Megan made sponge cake and Mara had fun making pies (we are looking forward to eating some for breakfast tomorrow) and I directed Mara in making supper as well. (I was busy treating our fireplace with acid).
 Mara at work in our new kitchen. Our counter-tops are still missing but we are making do until they come in a few weeks. We had found some plywood to put on them and then this morning Mom came by with various things that they had that she thought might work for our temporary counter-tops. It is working just fine! Thanks Mom!
They cleaned up the kitchen too (with a little prompting). We are so happy to have a kitchen sink again! That was truly missed! This sink is actually just a temporary one that our plumber had laying around. We will get our sinks when our counter-top comes.

  Tomorrow I may get into the baking too. I want to make some special bread to give to our contractor and others that have worked here.

  I am enjoying our washer and dryer too. They have been busy much of the day! It is so nice to be able to just throw dirty stuff right in the washer here at home.

  What fun things did your day bring? I would love to hear about your day too.


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love the kitchen!

Amy and Mark said...


What a wonderful way to celebrate their arrival!

We lived without a washer and dryer almost our whole first year of marriage while we saved enough to pay cash and the day they came I did load after load of laundry!! I was SO happy to not have to use the laundry mat anymore! I enjoyed visiting with people, as many were refuge transplants in our area, but I did not enjoy hauling everything there.

The kitchen looks beautiful! Cannot wait to see when it is all finished.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Abbi! What a wonderful gift it is to be in your new house and using your new appliances. I am excitedly looking forward to getting more done when my schedule slows down and using my current appliances.

I'm thankful for your encouraging spirit and joyfulness as you continually proclaim God's goodness. It was great to visit with you while you were cooking supper at your church.


Abbi said...


Amy - I can totally relate to not loving the hauling of dirty clothes. I am thankful that we didn't have to do it for a whole year. When I was in college and hauling clothes to the laundry mat it didn't seem as challenging but with a whole family and dirty conditions there was a whole lot of laundry to haul.

Thank you Monica - It was great to visit with you too.I hope you have had some slower times to get things done. :-)


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