Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cabinet Door Handles and Workers We Appreciate

One of the accomplishments for this week was getting handles put on our cabinet doors both in the kitchen and the main floor bathroom (for the other bathrooms we choose to go without handles). This was really nice to get done as the doors and drawers are nearly a full overlay and it was sometimes a little challenging to open them without handles.

 Our cabinet guy, Bob, came to put on the handles and he also did so final trim work on the cabinets to make them look just perfect - meeting the seams where the counter-top was put on. He also fixed up some places on a bathroom counter-top where there was a little gap between the counter and the wall. He definitely does his job well. I was reminded yet again how blessed we have been with the many different people working on our house. Though I admit sometimes things take a little longer than we hope we have really had some friendly, fun to be around and hard working people working on our house. They are skilled in their work and we are blessed to have their service.

  We also worked on getting shelves, poles and boards for hooks to go on stained and varnished for putting in all our closets. It will be lovely when we get that done as it will help bring a lot of order to this house.

  Ken has also been working as he has time on our living room window seat. We went and purchased the rest of what we needed today and now I have some staining and varnishing to do. We are having storage compartments in the seat so it has definitely been a project but it will be very nice to have!

   Our contractor is shooting to get the interior of the house done this next week - that will be very exciting!! There are some things that we are doing that we are still waiting on things for (such as our outlet covers) but we will try to work hard to get things done too. We have company coming in February and I would love to have the inside done by the time they come.

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