Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stairs, Sheetrock and Lights!

   It has been a productive week around here. I didn't get as much work on our house done but since I started up teaching music lessons again and doing more of our homeschool work again after a Holiday break and also having our homeschool co-op I have been pretty happy with what we did accomplish.
Our contractor started working on our upper set of stairs and so we are pretty happy about that. I stained all the wood for him to use.

The electrician (and his wife who works with him) have been here the last couple of days and most of our light fixtures, switches and outlets are now in. Very exciting! Having plenty of outlets is a real luxury that we are appreciating after using basically only 2 for over a month (and I had to use those for the hot plates and stuff for cooking too before the oven came so we tended to blow circuits regularly).

  We have been continuing to work on flooring. I now have all my tile floor done (I just have the shower and some trim in tile left to do) and the wood flooring is getting close to done. Yeah!

  We also had another big and challenging project this week. Getting sheetrock down into our basement.  The thing is we didn't plan on getting sheetrock for the basement yet. We don't plan on finishing it for a while. So when the contractor had our sheetrock delivered for upstairs and then the excess picked up again we didn't choose to get any because we were waiting. But Ken started thinking about it and thinking about how hard - Oh maybe that is actually impossible - it would be to get sheets of sheetrock down our steps that turn.

  So he started thinking and then conferring with our contractor and he decided that in my office where we didn't have wood flooring down yet we would cut a hole in the sheathing, in between the floor trusses and would lower our sheetrock down.

So my poor brother who delivers for the lumberyard that we are getting our stuff from had to deliver sheetrock here once again (he wasn't to impressed). Then Ken cut the hole.
Then Jonathan and I lowered them through (until Jonathan hurt his thumb and Aaron had to replace him) and Ken, Mara and Aaron caught them.

 It actually went fairly smoothly. Except for Jonathan hurting his thumb when he traded with Mara for a bit and then went to set a sheet down and did it wrong somehow - so we had to do the rest without him. Thankfully his thumb is better now.

 Sheetrock can get a little heavy. Especially 58 sheets of it. But now it is ready to go whenever we do finish the basement. Ken put the floor sheathing back over the hole and secured it tight. Today Jonathan and I covered it with the wood flooring so we no longer have a hole.

   Many of the rooms are pretty close to completion now. We have announced a race and are curious to see which one will get all the way done first - including moving in and decorating. I thought it would be fun to do a "Room Reveal" of each room in the order that they get done. I think the kids' bedrooms and the main floor bath and the kids' bath are the closest to completion. We shall see!

  I hope you have had a great week too!

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