Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goals for Good Health -Getting to Bed on Time

This week is quickly flying by. I had hoped to post earlier but between a slow computer (we really need to get it in to get cleaned up and hopefully sped up!) and a lot of things that I and the kids needed to do on the computer blogging took a back seat.

  I have been however working on my goals for good health. Drinking water is going good! All of the kids and I are really getting better at drinking more water and making that a habit. I am pretty happy about that. Flossing is also going well. The charts that I printed out last week and been very helpful to remind and encourage the kids to do it. Stretching went okay. I did it most days but not on the weekend and I think the kids only stretched once or twice. We had a little sickness so I didn't want to push them when they weren't feeling so well. We will work to improve on that one.

  My goal for this week: Head to Bed (ideally be in bed) by 10:45 pm. In order to get my 8 hours of sleep I need to be to bed by that time. So I will be working on that.  I also want to work on making sure that the kids are in bed by at least 9:45 pm.

  Sleep is very important for staying healthy and especially needed by kids. Do you get enough sleep? What is your sleep schedule like? I would love to hear how you do it at your place.

  But right now, I had better head to bed!

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