Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goals For Good Health - Developing a Flossing Habit

Last week the goal for good health that we started working on was for us to drink plenty of water. Did you join me?

That goal went fairly well. I was able to drink at least 8 cups every day except perhaps today. I only have 7 recorded on my chart - I think I probably had more than that though. It was a busy day in the kitchen (with the counter-tops getting installed!) and so my chart wasn't very handy. We also were away from home a while helping out with a Homeless shelter at church.

  So water drinking went pretty good for me and I think the kids made progress as well but I think they still have some work to do in order to develop a really good water drinking habit. We will keep working on this one. I will continue to work on reminding and they will continue to work on doing it on their own as well.

For this week I have a new health goal to add. Flossing our teeth every day!

Speaking of teeth I just need to share this picture of Mara with her "new" smile. She just got her braces of yesterday which was pretty exciting. Isn't she beautiful?!

Anyway on to thinking about flossing....

This is something that I knew I should do and I did do it some but really struggled to make it a daily habit. Life seemed so busy and it just didn't seem totally necessary as I brushed regularly and tried to do that well and tried to eat good foods as well and drink water. But I have started to realize that it really would be a very good habit to work on and I had better just get busy at it.

  So I actually have gotten a head start on this one by a week or so and am just forcing myself to do it every night - even if I am tired, even if I am in a hurry. I still need to floss my teeth. It doesn't take that long and I can tell it is helpful.

Here are some reasons why we need to floss:

  • Flossing cleans the 35 to 40% of your teeth that cannot be reached with brushing.
  • Flossing helps to get rid of bacteria and plaque that is on our teeth which will make it so tarter won't grow which leads to decay.
  • Flossing also helps to get rid of the bacteria that leads to gum disease.  Flossing is especially important in preventing gum disease.
  • A healthy mouth (tooth and gums) can truly help the rest of the body be healthier as well. Flossing with help that to happen.
Is flossing daily a habit you already have or do you need to join me in this challenge?
So of I go to floss my teeth and make sure my kids do too. :-)

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