Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good Posture

 This past week was not a very good one for working on my health goals. We had a lot going on and had company some of the time too. Some goals continued on okay but others not so much. Oh well - we are ready to get going on them again.

  I am also adding another one that in a way is simple because it doesn't add a new routine to our lives but in another way is a lot harder because I need to be aware of it all of the time.

  My new goal is to work on having good posture.  I had kind of thought that I did okay in this area but after looking at a picture of myself I realized that it was something that I really needed to work on.

  I do have pretty good posture when driving anyway but standing, sitting, reading and such can often find me a little slumped and round shouldered. With all of my piano lessons I often find myself slouching on the chair. This is something that I need to work on.

  Why should we work to have good posture?

  • We can breath better when we are standing or sitting up straight. And breathing well does a lot to make us healthier in general.
  • Our muscles don't get tight and sore.
  • We are less likely to have headaches, neck pain and back pain.
  • It also says a lot to others concerning how we hold our bodies. With good posture we look happier and more confident.
This goal is going to require a lot of  daily focus. But I am ready to work on it. Is this something that you should work on too?

On a happy note for me - High heeled shoes are very hard on your posture. Thankfully I have never liked them anyway!

  I am feeling so thank-ful for how God put so much thought into creating our bodies. He designed them in amazing ways!


Lydia said...

Oh man, Abbi! This is one that I have been working on the last little bit and it is so hard!! Good luck!

Abbi said...

Thank you! It is hard but just being aware is helping me to do better- and also realizing all the times that I sit badly (and like sitting that way!).


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