Friday, February 27, 2015

Homeschool Highlights - "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

Not long ago our family had fun watching a neat old movie called "Mr Smith Goes to Washington". I had read about it on Amelia's Blog (a sweet fellow blogger) and then when visiting with my sister I learned that their family had watched it an enjoyed it. We don't watch many movies though so some time passed before we found the time to watch it. I was quite excited to finally watch it and was not disappointed.

Here is a clip from the movie that you might enjoy....

  This movie isn't perfect and there was a little drinking in it as well as exposing lies and deceit that was found in Washington (even in this fictionalized one) and still is (in real life) but it has a pretty neat message and a good reminded of what we truly do need in government.

Here are some reasons that I really liked it from a homeschool Mom's perspective.....

  • It reminds us of what the founding Fathers of our nation desired for this country.
  • We get to take a (black and white) tour of Washington DC. Our kids have never been there and that was fun for them and for me as I remember my times there.
  • We learn what is involved in writing a Bill and having it become law.
  • We learn about Filibusters. What we see in the movie makes us curious so then we start doing research - Can you really not even have a break to go to the bathroom?, Who had the longest Filibuster? What have past filibusters been about?, etc.
This movie would fit in quite well with teaching on government.  It was enjoyed by all of our family and I think your family would enjoy it too.


magnoliasntea said...

I've heard of this movie but never watched it. Thank you for the recommendation, I'm looking forward to seeing it now.
Have a great weekend!

Abbi said...

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Amelia said...

Oh my! This is so nice that you too have recommended this sweet movie. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it as much as we have. Thank you so much for linking! What a blessing you are! : ) ~Amelia


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