Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hosting a Potluck "Cabin Fever" Party

  My older brother Peter builds log homes. He got a job a couple years back (after working in this field for quite a number of years in California and all across our nation) at a log home company a little north of here. This company was chosen this past year to do a reality TV show on log home building for National Geographic. The show is called "Cabin Fever" and the first show was this week (airing both Tuesday night and tonight and maybe again sometime).

   My brother is currently down in Texas (with his family) working on a house there but those of us up here wanted to watch the show of course. In our group of friends/family up here we were pretty much the only ones who got that channel. So our house was the spot to have a party for watching it. Mom suggested that we have a potluck supper and though part of me thought - we don't need to potluck- I can figure out something for everybody. Another part of me thought that sounded like a pretty good idea as we didn't know exactly who all was coming and we are trying to rest a little more this week. So a potluck it was.

  A potluck meal is a really simple way to throw a party. Everybody bring something to share - it is not that challenging for anybody and everybody can just relax and have fun. It also relives the financial burden if your finances are tight. We had way more than enough food which seems to be the case usually with potlucks around here.

  Ken set up his projector and screen and we crowded everybody in. We had 33 people here ( a few are not in the picture) and it was a fun time. Lots of company with no stress. A wonderful way to do it!

   Have you ever hosted a potluck meal/party at your place? Any thoughts you would like to share?


Amy and Mark said...

What a neat opportunity for your brother! I checked on OnDemand and we don't have the show repeating on there. Perhaps it will air as a rerun. My husband really enjoys that show where they build amazing tree houses so he is excited to watch the log cabin one as well. Building/owning a log cabin is a dream of ours...maybe someday...

Abbi said...

Amy, They will be having a show every week (for around 8 weeks) so even if you miss this one maybe you can catch the next one. Log cabins are pretty - a fun someday dream.


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