Monday, May 23, 2016

An Exciting Day

 Today was one of those normal, regular days except that there were a few unexpected surprises that made it rather exciting and very fun.

  Our first surprise was right away this morning when the Fed-ex guy brought a box. It was addressed to me and our homeschool. What could it be? I hadn't ordered anything. I opened it up and there was this big certificate that said Megan had won a Silver award for a picture she had submitted to a contest way back in the fall. There was also a necklace (she is wearing it in the picture above) and a nice set of oil pastels. How fun!

 Then this afternoon I was cleaning up and found a letter that had come a few days ago to Mara. I had thought it was junk mail and Ken had even written a note on the back of the envelope and then it had gotten placed on the counter while we were gone and busy over the weekend. I came close to just sticking it in the reclining when I happened to think about why Mara might be getting a letter from the National Right to Life. She had written an essay back in February for their essay contest. So I stuck it up on her bed for her to find and open when she got home from work.

  Just before supper my parents dropped in. They had been with my youngest sister and her husband (and cute baby boy) to check out a house not far from us (like 1/2 mile). And they like it! And they might get it! Yeah! How fun it would be to have them living close to us. We are praying that it will all work out if it is God's will. It is an old house (Mobile home) on 20 acres. The house would work for now and the land would be great!

  When Mara got home I asked her to open the letter and guess what? She had won first place in the Senior division. The letter had a $200 check in it. I am glad I didn't recycle it! That was unexpected and pretty exciting.
 This evening we took a fun bike ride over to the lake. Kitchi enjoyed coming along.
I thought you may enjoy reading Mara's essay. Here it is:

Right to Truth

       "Seventeen years ago, I was conceived.  I was perfect, one cell floating in a sea of amniotic fluid.  All my characteristics were written in my genes- my height (tall), eye color (brown), sex (female.)  I only needed time.  And time I received.  By eleven weeks, all my organs functioned.  My feet were perfectly shaped, all the little toes intact- yet I was only a few inches tall.  So I grew, and at nine months and a week, my mother held me in her arms.

      Another baby was conceived too, just about then.  She too was perfect, her every potential etched on strands of DNA.  She also grew and developed.  But then her life was sucked down a hose and ended. 

 She might have been a singer, a teacher, or a senator.  She might have been a sunbeam, brightening every life she touched.  We’ll never know, because her life disappeared forever, and with her went her contribution to the world.

     Why does our culture murder its children?  Some tout family planning, others discomfort.  Others say the babies would be neglected, that such a life is better left unlived.  The baby is not a person, they claim, only tissue to be discarded at will. 

      So we educate, showing new and ancient proofs that the baby is indeed fully human, and fully alive.  We elect congressmen who will pass laws restricting abortion.  When the world knows it’s murder, the horrors will cease.

       Or will they?  According to the article, “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society,” abortionists know that they are killing a human, yet they do it anyway.  Why shouldn’t they?  Most don’t believe in any higher power.  To them there is no truth.  Therefore a human’s value is only relative, not absolute.  The only reason they claim a baby is not human is because Americans, while starting to accept their “new” ethic, still hold to the Judeo-Christian knowledge of right and wrong. 

       This is not just about abortion.  If they accomplish their goal, if truth is proven false, then our whole world will be tipped into hell, and nothing will stop them.

       Fortunately, there is truth.   This truth was created by the Author of Life, God.   Without him, nothing makes sense.   With him, everything has meaning.   It might be possible to believe in truth without its author - I don’t know - but you’d have a hard time explaining it. 

      Remember that “new ethic” described a couple of paragraphs ago?  Well, that’s as ancient as Cain’s murder of his brother.   It’s inspired by the same person, too.  His name is Satan, and he’d like nothing better than for truth to be abolished. 

    So what can I do to build a pro-life generation?   I can show others that they need the God of the Bible, the author of truth, in their lives.  Only when everyone knows him will abortion, with a host of other problems, disappear.  And I can pray the translation of my Hebrew name:  “Come, Lord Jesus.”   We need you."


Amy and Mark said...

Mara is a wonderful writer! Thank you for sharing her essay! Congrats on her win and hard earned money!

Cheryl said...

A big congratulations to your dear daughters! What a wonderful day you all had! Such sweet blessings sent down by our dear Lord. Mara's letter was profound. I can surely see why she won! God bless you and your sweet family. :)

Jennifer said...

What an exciting day for both of your daughters. Congratulations. Also, what a lovely essay. Thank you for sharing.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

That is a beautiful article!! Thanks for sharing!

Abbi said...

Thanks to all of you. I will pass along your sweet words to Mara.

Carmen N said...

What fun surprises! I know children love getting mail, but those were extra-special and well-deserved.

Martha said...

Precious. Makes my heart full to have such sweet nieces. Maranatha has an excellent way with words.

Martha said...

Precious. Makes my heart full to have such sweet nieces. Maranatha has an excellent way with words.

Amelia said...

Oh my! That is a great honor for your little girl! Congratulations Mara! And what a worthy, worthy cause as well. May God be glorified!

Yes, the culture of death. So much the same attitude as sacrificing babies to Baal. It's so horrible and I wonder how the heart would become so hardened...I wonder about the silence in so many of our churches. Even the silence on women working for materialism. It's very difficult for me these days to take, especially when we see the same spirit in churches.

Blessings to you and your family Abbi, I hope things are going well and the nearby land for your loved ones will hopefully work out. : )


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