Monday, May 9, 2016


I have been having so many different things going through my brain lately - I have felt on overload at times. Since I find that it sometimes helps to get them out of my brain and on "paper" I decided that you that read my blog would get to experience some of the overflow of my brain just lately....

In no particular order....

Politics - what is happening in America?
 Though I have long been concerned with the spiritual state of our country, this year has really opened my eyes a little more. I have always been a conservative in politics which generally has meant being a Republican. I believe in protecting life (ALL life), that laws should be based on the moral compass that we find in the Bible, that we need to work to uphold the constitution and that we want freedom. I choose to be a slave to Jesus Christ but I want no other master.

 This campaign season we started with a lot of choices. We had some that looked pretty good to me - they had a moral compass based on the Bible and they wanted to uphold the constitution. However as of last Tuesday - none of those candidates are left (at least in the Republican or Democratic party). The candidates that are left in the race don't care about God or His word nor do they care about the constitution. And what is super sad to me as that is what our country choose. What has happened to our country?

 Needless to say there has been a time of mourning around here. Not despair because I fully believe that God appoint leaders and that His will can be done even when there are evil leaders. Also I think that our light can shine far better when we are surrounded by darkness. I do believe there is hope - but still I do mourn for what our country has lost.

  Ken is also facing decisions. He has been the chair of our county's Republican party for the last 7 years (I have also been very involved). However if they choose to support Trump in the election then we do not feel comfortable being involved. The decision on that will be made tonight. I appreciate your prayers.

My mom has really been struggling with her health lately. She has eosynophil (which I do not really know how to spell) pneumonia which is a chronic pneumonia. One of her sisters also has this and it would seem quite likely that their mom had it too (she always basically struggled with lung issues but then died in her 50's from breast cancer) also pretty nearly all the rest of my mom's 7 other siblings have had lung issues as well. Their family just seems to have trouble breathing.

 This pneumonia is pretty rare and they don't know a lot about it and have not thought it to be genetic but to us it really looks like it is. So obviously for my siblings and cousins and I there is some concern.

 I have been praying a lot for my mom lately as she struggles to breathe and to be able to live life normally. She has come to the place were the regular doctors want her on medication all of the time ( stuff like prednisone which eats away at the bones - her sister did do this and last year she had a simple fall and broke both wrists, a knee and a shoulder and nearly died from it and though she made it through she has bones that have not healed yet) and so she is trying to figure out if there is any alternative options that will help. My Mom has long tried to live a very healthy lifestyle and be cautious with using medication but still has problems with this.

I meanwhile am also trying to figure out anything that I can do to strengthen my lungs while I am still healthy. If I should follow my Mom's path I would have less than 10 years left before they would pop up. Anyway - just something I have been thinking and praying about. If you have any suggestions for ways to help your lungs work better - I would love to hear!

Homeschool Co-op leadership
I have had fun leading a homeschool co-op over the past 6 years or so. It has been a fun challenge. This year there have been a lot more challenges and I have wondered if it was more than I wanted to deal with sometimes. We had grown a bit which I think added to the challenge but mostly it just has been that there has been some outspoken discontent which is especially hard when sometimes what people are discontented with has been exactly opposite of what somebody else expressed. At that point it seems impossible to keep everybody happy.

 Anyway - it has been a growing time for me. I am learning to listen better ( I hope) and certainly learning to pray more. I would appreciate your prayers as well.

Children Growing Up
Mostly I am super happy with my children growing up - it is the right and natural thing to happen. But I do have to adjust to change and learn how to let go a little. Mara's getting a job and preparing to go on an international mission trip has been neat and fun and challenging. We have had to learn how to do without having Mara at home many days (who does the sweeping now?!) as well as figure out just what she is ready for and what she is not (As she flies alone - do we choose a cheaper flight with layovers or one that costs more without? - so many decisions).

 I am sure many of you have faced that as well and have gotten through it just fine. I am super thankful to have teenagers that love the Lord and want to do what is right. I can't imagine how hard raising a teen would be if they were rebellious and making bad choices all the time.

What to eat?
This past year I put on some weight. My jeans had gotten tight and then when I weighed in at the chiropractor I was about 10-15 lbs more than normal. What was going on?
I think mostly my body is starting to change and perhaps my metabolism is working slower.  I have found that I am not usually as hungry as I used to be but unfortunately I still think eating is fun. Anyway - this is a problem that I want to address right away rather than waiting until it is a truly big problem.

I have started working to have more self-control in how much I eat. I also am reading a couple of books "Wheat Belly" and "Trim, Healthy Mama". I really don't care for the idea of going wheat/gluten free and I don't think I will be doing that but I think I can learn something from each of these books.

Did any of the rest of you deal with a bit of weight gain as you neared 40? Did your metabolism change on you?

Can those that study God's word have unity?
I think they can. This is something that I want to strive for. But it has been discouraging lately a little bit as a friend and I were studying a topic together (for months) and I believe we were both honestly seeking and we came to different conclusions. So far neither of us have really changed from what we originally believed. We are going at it again. I don't want to give up. I truly don't think that God's word is that complicated. We should be able to find unity in the truth.

That is a bit of what has been bouncing around in my brain. I would love your prayers and insight on any of these topics.


Nola said...

I've gained weight for no known reason even though I have tried to lose weight it doesn't want to come off. But I am only in my early 30's. I do wonder about changing metabolism though too.

Amy and Mark said...

Praying on all of these matters with you and for you!

Brenda Fricke said...

Sweet Abbi, I will be praying for you you concerning these issues. I encourage you to stay strong in the power of HIS might and don't become defeated! I know it's easy sometimes, especially when dealing with fellow believers! My daughter's homeschool co-op never ceased to amaze me how they could even name the Name of Christ. . Unfortunately, metabolism wasn't all that slowed down around 40 for me! My eyes, my memory, my sleep, haha! You're a blessing Abbi, keep on keeping on for His Glory!

Brenda Fricke said...

Sweet Abbi, I will be praying for you you concerning these issues. I encourage you to stay strong in the power of HIS might and don't become defeated! I know it's easy sometimes, especially when dealing with fellow believers! My daughter's homeschool co-op never ceased to amaze me how they could even name the Name of Christ. . Unfortunately, metabolism wasn't all that slowed down around 40 for me! My eyes, my memory, my sleep, haha! You're a blessing Abbi, keep on keeping on for His Glory!

Anna said...

Some of these concerns have been my concerns as well. It is good to share and pray in community.
I am so sorry that you have had a more frustrating year with your co-op. It has seemed that our co-op leaders have resigned after a 3 year term. Often they are moving on to the next stage of their life but also it is very exhausting and they needed a break from that leadership position.
When we had someone fly on their own that is when he got a phone. If he had questions he could give us a call at anytime. He didn't, but it sure was nice for me to know at each stop that he had found his next gate.
When I noticed weight gain was when I quit nursing. I think a little extra weight isn't a bad thing though. It gives you a reserve for if you get sick and are unable to eat well. Staying active and moving is the important thing.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you, Abbi. Kevin and I talked quite a bit last night and he shared how much he has appreciated the work that you and Ken have done for the Republican Party here. Your mom and I have talked about what a good job you are doing to help your family in every way that you can. Take the time you need to seek God and rest so that you will be able to continue on with what you consider to be a priority for you and your family.

Much love to you,

Abbi said...

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouraging words and your prayers!!

Just an update on our political situation - at our county meeting many were not happy with the suggestions made by Ken (as they think our group should support Trump) but they also were not happy with Ken no longer being chair. They couldn't come to a decision and so we are still in limbo I guess.

Amelia said...

I hear you on almost every single thing here Abbi..I will pray for you as I feel many of the same things if not all. I covet your prayers as well.

The Trump thing. I do not understand how church-goers went for this choice when they had so much better to pick from. It's a barometer of our culture is it not? It grieves my spirit greatly. I don't understand people so quickly hopping on one bandwagon so quickly. It seems they need to wait and see what is going to happen at least with the unborn! I will choose Life, who will rightly and truly go with our unborn. Our daughter, Marianna is also the precinct chairman plus works for a big campaign representing the candidate at meetings. Oh Abbi, you would not believe the mean comments lately! You have to wonder where people's heads and hearts are at. (I think we know). Usually when we have to ask, we know. Is it any wonder our older daughters have such a discouraging walk when it comes to the subject of mates? Our oldest is nearing 33 and it is very discouraging out there. Compromise, compromise it seems with the young adults in churches

Praying for your mom and that situation. It's tough, my parents are older and one simple phone ring can scare me horribly and I cry out to the Father through nerves. ...And the other things as well.

Weight gain. I am 55 and I'm noticing my tummy is not the flat tummy I used to take for granted. It's no biggy, but I would think eating healthy, an ethical vegetarian/vegan I would be very slim but I think the hormones playing games perhaps have something to do with it. I try to just go with it as long as I'm taking walks and eating healthy etc. My mother did not go through menapause til late in life and I think I may be like her in that respect. I'm not an overweight person but I do notice some changes. Strange.

Take care Abbi, my prayers going forth. Please be kind to yourself, that is one lesson I am learning. Relax and have some good ol' creating and reading time. : ) We have to talk to God all the time right? We are facing some bumpy times in the next few months.

Blessings, Amelia

Abbi said...

Amelia, I have been praying for you and will continue to pray. Thank you so much for your prayers too.


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