Monday, May 12, 2008

A fun day!

This past Wednesday I had a really fun day at home and church with my children and I had fun taking some pictures that I thought I would share. (I had intended to share them earlier but was having some trouble downloading.)
In the morning I decided to try to teach Mara how to make bread. She has been part of the bread making process many times but hadn't ever done the majority of the work. Our goal this summer is to really concentrate on training her so that she will basically know how to run a household (at least the basic jobs, I don't know that we will get into menu planning, shopping and stuff like that.). She thinks it sounds fun and we might get Jonathan in the action as well. She thought making bread was fun but found the kneading a little difficult. I ended up doing most of it.
Here she is with part of the finished product. We enjoyed fresh bread for lunch. We all love to eat it when it is still warm! By the way I am curious, do remember a what age you really learned how to bake? I can't really remember, I just know that my older sister Anna was always better at it than I was and did a lot more of it!
That morning Megan was having fun playing outside. She had found some sample containers that I had washed up and took them outside to play in the dirt with. I think she looks like either a future baker or gardener. Another picture that I was going to take while I was out there was of my two boys and the two boys that I was watching. They were all walking seriously around the yard carrying bows and arrows that Jonathan had made for all of them out of sticks and rubber bands. They looked very cute but when I went to take their picture my batteries went dead.
A crocus blooming in my garden. In the springtime every flower in my garden that blooms get special loving attention. I am so glad that God made flowers!
We had a surplus of goats milk from my parents so I made yogurt and cheese (pictured above).

That evening was the opening night of our new children's program at church on the Fruits of the Spirit. Emily, Irindee and I are doing it together and having lots of fun! We are doing it using lots of gardening/farming activities. This is what greets the kids as they go downstairs. I had fun making the scarecrow and the sunflowers.

Here the kids are having fun listening to Emily tell a dramatic version of the story of David and Jonathan. We then talked of the love they showed each other.

We planted some seeds! Here is Jonathan attaching his balloon to his pot.

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