Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pretty, pretty!

Megan's favorite word lately has been "pretty!". When I pulled the outfit she is wearing above out of her drawer she was very excited, she had never worn it before (it is a hand-me-down from her cousin Beatrice) and she thinks it is very pretty. She kept telling me that over and over. Then she carefully chose some very pretty socks to wear with it.

Right now we have daffodils blooming at our house. (I am quite excited, I planted them last fall and they are coming up good.) Today I picked one to take out to my Mom, Megan saw it and thought it was very pretty and she wanted to carry it to the van and then held it all the way in the van and gave it to Mom.

The kids found these beautiful Mayflowers (Hepatica) out at Mom and Dad's, these are one of my very favorite Spring flowers. I think they are so beautiful!! Megan thought they were very pretty too. It is so fun to see things through a child's eyes and to see their excitement over the simple things in life like pretty socks. It is my goal to have that same appreciation in my life and to make sure that I tell God and others "Thank you" for the very many "pretty" things in my life.

What pretty things are you enjoying at your house?


Emily said...

We have red tulips blooming outside our window and our tree is leafing in the back! :)

All in a Day said...

How fun for Megan! She looks a lot like I remember Mara. Our Melissa has always liked "pretty" things which has been fun after having two girls who were more like tomboys. :)

I've noticed our tulips have started coming up in town, but other than some green grass, spring birds, and frogs croaking, spring will be a while getting here as far as pretty flowers go.

Bridgett said...

What a cute picture!

Bridgett said...
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