Monday, May 19, 2008

On Saturday we had a fun little outing. One of the boys I watch one morning a week turned 6 and his family invited us, my sister and kids and a couple of students from Malaysia to join them at Itasca State park for a birthday lunch. I had fun taking pictures (as usual!) and I thought I would share some.
Here are Megan and Lars enjoying some watermelon.
A couple of the many beautiful Mayflowers (Hepatica) that we saw.
Patrick, one of our Malaysian friends attempting to use a camp can opener to open the beans.
Becky and Suhalia working on the cake. It looks a little windy in the picture because it was. The weather was rather crazy going from calm, sunny and warm to extremely windy and with some rain. Then it would be warm and calm again and then rainy. The cycle repeated itself several times. One time limbs started falling down from overhead.

Martha grilling the brats and hotdogs.

Mara and Megan enjoying the hammock they had up.
We also went to the place in the park where the headwaters of the Mississippi River is. Mara is walking across the rocks and getting her shoes and socks wet. At sometimes during the year you can walk across with shoes on and not get them wet but right now the water is fairly high.
Some of the kids and Martha walking across the log/bridge that is just a tiny ways down the river. At this point the Mississippi is very shallow and narrow. One year when we canoed from the headwaters to just above Bemidji we just had to drag our canoes through the beginning part.
Most of the kids on a log.

That was our fun day out enjoying God's creation.

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All in a Day said...

We always enjoy Itasca State Park. We'll have to get Laura there soon.


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