Friday, May 9, 2008


The week we studied Kentucky we were quite busy with being down at my sister Anna's as well as have them come up here and doing a lot with family. So we didn't learn as much about the neat state of Kentucky as would have been fun. However I will share some of what we did learn and do.

  • Kentucky is the 15th state becoming a state on June 1, 1792.

  • The Capital is Frankfort

  • The nickname is the Bluegrass state. A lot of bluegrass grows there and bluegrass music is a big thing in Kentucky.

  • Kentucky is known for its Thoroughbred horses.

  • The state song is "My old Kentucky home" written by Stephen Foster. (For printable music go here.)

On Sunday evening of our Kentucky week, it just happened that some from church were going to KFC after church on Sunday evening so we decided we had best go too.
Keren took this picture and said I would have to post it. So here it is.
I made Louisville Hot Brown for one meal. It turned out pretty good. My sister Anna and I especially liked it. It can't find the exact recipe that I had used but this link has lots of Kentucky Recipes including their variation of Hot Brown.
This is an oven baked Egg Omelet that I tried (Actually I think Anna did all the prep for this) that is a recipe from Kentucky. It was fun to watch it look all puffy and turn a nice brown. It was pretty good.
Another food that I wanted to make but didn't get around to making was the Kentucky Chocolate chip pie (which is like a pecan pie with Choc. chips). It sounds very yummy and not so very good for you! Maybe I will try it later.

Something we did enjoy doing was playing bluegrass music. That is also a big deal in Kentucky so that was quite appropriate. Here are Luke (on the guitar), Peter (trying out Luke's Dobro) and I (on the fiddle).
Here are Dad and Aaron playing Harmonicas (and Dad is holding his mandolin),Luke on Guitar and Peter on the Banjo. Aaron doesn't know how to play but that didn't stop him from playing loudly. We ended up having to ask him to play more softly so that we could hear the tune!
Homemade music is fun!

That is some of the things we enjoyed during our Kentucky week. What do you know and like about Kentucky? Also we are studying Louisianna this week and Indiana next week and as always I love your comments!


All in a Day said...

How does that KFC picture work? Is it over another one or is that a picture in the background? It looks like snow outside your mom's picture window.

Abbi said...

It is just a regular picture but when I looked at it again it does look a little funky. There was snow but it is out KFC's window.

Anonymous said...

Well I know Indiana! One very simple but very popular food there is macaroni and cheese made from scratch. Every potluck meal had at least one bowl of that and then there ussually was at least one pan of baked beans. Doctored up from a can. Great farm land there, you can grow anything you want. Anna


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