Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hanging Vases

I recently had fun experimenting with making hanging vases. These aren't all that cheap to buy already made (which I was checking out for a wedding I am doing) but they ended up being really easy to make.
Hanging vases can be used on a twig display, a tree, Shepard's hooks or wherever else you might dream up. They can have flowers put in them or little tea lights.
This one I made using a baby food jar and wire and beads for the handle.
Both of these (above and below) were made out of inexpensive votive cups and ribbon.

I also made some cute ones using canning jars with mums and mini carnations in them but I failed to take a picture of them before giving them away.
If you are at all interested in making hanging vases you need to check out this one where they used old light bulbs to make it. It is very clever and cute!
And here is where I got the idea for using canning jars. (they have some nice pictures!)
So... what ideas do you have for using hanging vases to decorate with?

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miranda said...

how you you leave a link and just have the words you want to have us click on it? I tried to find it but didn't have much luck. I just had to post the link instead.
Very cute vases... I have made those before, but don't really have good windows for display right now.


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