Friday, April 3, 2009

Finer Things Friday

It is fun to keep your eyes open for Finer things in your life. I noticed a bunch this week but then if I don't write them down right away sometimes I forget them! Oh well. Some of the finer things that I do remember.... :-)

~This week I gave Megan (my almost 3 year old) a new toothbrush (after she had dipped her old one in the rabbits water!). A toothbrush is such a simple thing but Megan was so excited and pleased. It was pink and purple and I think that made it even better. She carried it around with her in the pocket or her dress much of the day. (I know that doesn't sound terribly sanitary, but it didn't seem to hurt her too much!)

At one point she lost it and came out of her room just sobbing. Finally I figured out the problem was a lost toothbrush. She said it was by her bed and so I searched all over and around hers, complete with taking the mattress off. No toothbrush! Then she pointed to Mara's bed and to a hole that is in her box springs. I was down on my belly looking under the bed, trying to feel around in the box springs with no success. Finally I looked and saw it sitting on top of the bed near Mara's pillow. Crisis was past! She thoroughly enjoyed using her new toothbrush that night.

The joy that children have in simple things is truly a finer thing in my estimation!

~Another finer thing in my life this weekend is getting to spend a bunch of time with my husband taking care of his business booth at a show. Ken is my best friend and the more time I can spend with him the better! Spending time with my husband is always a finer thing!
(It is also a blessing that the kids have a wonderful place to be...their grandparents!)

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

What a sweet toothbrush story. What is it about kids and toothbrushes?! My daughter even asked Santa for one a couple years ago. Only slightly embarrassing... ;-)

Andie Anderson said...

I agree with you, spending time with our hubby is a finer thing in life! It strengthens our relationship and it helps us be united on more and more issues. Thanks for sharing, I want to appreciate my time with my husband more.
Andie Anderson


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