Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loving Learning

This is a picture of my 3 youngest recently.
We have been enjoying school SO MUCH! One of my biggest goals is not that I will have taught my kids everything there is to know (I Can't!), but rather that I will have taught them how fun learning can be. It has been so much fun for me lately as they have all been wanting and asking to learn. They have practically been begging!
I had Jonathan doing 1st grade math which had adding, subtracting, times, money etc. That was going fine for him but he decided he really wanted to do division and multiplying. He quickly worked through the easy book so that I would give him new harder pages. Jonathan has also fallen in love with reading which I always love to see. If a child loves reading then the world is open to them.
I hadn't started Aaron on schoolwork yet (he turned 5 in Oct. and I am not into rushing a child into schoolwork) but lately he has decided he wants to do schoolwork. He has really been enjoying oral math (As he explains, "I understand now how it works") and has been amazing us with how well he is grasping it. He has also started asking for papers to work on. He also wants to read and has made a little progress.
Of course Megan can't miss out on all the fun. She has to do "schoolwork" too when everybody else is. She is learning to color in the lines which is fun.
Now of course not everything is perfect, there are still times they would rather play but I am excited because I have 4 children who are asking to learn, wanting more and sharing in my excitement of putting more information in our brains. If that keeps up I will be very satisfied with out homeschool experience!


Anonymous said...

You have really been getting the post up while you have been away!! Glad the kids are doing so well on their school work! ♥ Anna

A Joyful Chaos said...

A parents enthusiasm goes a long way in children wanting to learn!
Yours are blessed to have you to teach and guide them.

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, what cute, little students. :)


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