Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We like things sharp

This week for Thrifty Green Thursday I thought I would just share a quick tip in case not everybody already does this. To keep your scissors, knives, saws, mower blades and anything else with a blade in good working condition for a long, long time get them sharpened regularly.
My Dad does that as his profession and he can make something that hardly worked into something that works great. A good sharp tool is such a joy to work with compared to a dull one! So next time your scissors doesn't work well, don't go buy a new one instead sharpen the old one. To find sharpeners use your yellow pages, google it or ask at a hardware store or lumberyard. I think sharpening is usually pretty economical (at least at my dad's place it is! Especially for me since he does it free!).
You can also sharpen your own knives and scissors if you have a stone and know how.

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Cathy said...

my dad is a butcher, so he can sharpen a knife! it's true--it's important to take care of your knives.

Condo Blues said...

My husband likes to use sharp knives when he cooks. Woe to the person who misplaces his knife shapner!

Greenbaby said...

Our knives are perpetually dull these days and it wouldn't take much to sharpen them. Good tip for making your knives/scissors last for years! Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday!

Rebecca said...

Great tip. Dull knives (and other tools, too, I imagine) are actually quite dangerous to work with. You run less risk of injuring yourself when you keep your knives honed. I've had my knives about five years and haven't needed to get them sharpened yet, but I do hone them about every week. Some people like to hone before every use, but I am too lazy for that.

That's so cool that you have a professional sharpener in the family!

Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday again!


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