Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raglan sleeve nightgowns from t-shirts

One of my very quick projects last week was turning this:

into this:
(The wings were not part of the night gown, they were a separate gift from Auntie Keren.)
T-shirt material makes a very comfortable pajama material and I love long sleeved nightgowns. This was a very quick and simple project that I made without a pattern, I just looked at a similar nightgown that Megan already had and I guessed with the dolls nightgown (and it ended up a little wide).
I was looking to see if I could find a tutorial online to direct you to if any of you wanted to make something like this. I wasn't to successful but possibly these instructions will help. If there is any interest I could try to post a tutorial sometime.
To more t-shirts used up from my stash of old t-shirts! Yea!


ILuvBNaMom said...

That nightgown is so cute! I have been searching online for instructions on making a nightgown for my 5yr old. I would be SO HAPPY if you would post a tutorial, or just email me a brief summary of how you did it. I sew a bit, but I'm not fantastic. I think I could figure it out though if you had a little bit of explanation!

Abbi said...

I will try to post a tutorial but I need to make another nightgown first so I can take some good pictures.


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