Friday, April 17, 2009

My Meggie's birthday!

Present time (the girls were still enjoying their colonial hats)

Yesterday was Megan's 3rd Birthday. We stayed home and had a pretty relaxing day. One of our friends whom Megan is especially fond of came over for the afternoon and evening and my parents and brother and sister and another friend also came for supper.
We always start our birthdays with family presents. Ken and I didn't do to much for Megan's birthday this year (she didn't need anything really so I made nightgowns for her and her doll and gave her a book and some sidewalk chalk and that was it) the kids however have really started enjoying making and giving gifts. Aaron isn't in to making them so much but he loves going through all his things and figuring out things that the recipient might like and wrapping them up. He ended up giving Megan about 5 presents.
Mara worked hard to embroider this turtle neck shirt for Megan. She has really been enjoying doing embroidery lately. She also made her a cute bead necklace with a little angel on it that Megan really likes.
Jonathan bought Megan a stamp (we found it on clearance for 75 cents.) and then he made a little notebook, found a brand new pink pencil he had as well as some pink erasers and then included some stickers. He also gave her a necklace that he had made.
Almost nothing was spent on presents at our house but Megan certainly didn't care and she really enjoyed what she did receive. It is so fun to have simple and happy birthdays!
Auntie Keren made Megan a pair of wings. Megan really liked them and thought she was a butterfly. She wanted to fly and Grandpa was obliging in making her fly. She had a lot of fun.
For her cake I had bought little peeps to go on top for a surprise. The kids were pretty pleased with that! I had never bought them before and so they were a big deal for the kids. We found out Ken had never had them either but he chose a piece without any, he didn't think he needed any now either.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Abbi!

I'm loving your blog! The pictures are fantastic, and the stories are so interesting! One of your "life goals," to write a book and get it published, is lurking in the words and pictures of this blog! You could take the best ideas from all your blogs, throw in a few great pictures, and maybe entitle it: "Fun Ideas for Kids of All Ages." I thought about adding "homeschooled" in there, but every mom has "bored kid" days and would find your book helpful. You could still market it to homeschoolers, of course! -- Love, "Nana"

Abbi said...

I am so glad you can keep up with us this way now! I do think making a book like that would be fun. It just seems a little intimidating to get everything together and see about getting it published.


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