Monday, January 4, 2010

1000 gifts

 "Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, That is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name." Hebrews 13:5
Oh how fun it is to look back on a year and see how God has blessed, over and over and over again. He is worthy of all my praise and gratitude!

So continuing my count to 1,000 gifts....

196. Fun in the snow with friends.
197. Company coming to stay with us!
198. Fellowship with other Christians.

199. Fun times playing games on New Year's Eve.
200. Lots of laughter!
201. A lovely new Church building to use for parties and such.

202. My sweet Megan who arranges flowers "just like Mom".
203. A fun and loving husband!
204. Ken's hard work to provide for us.

205. Living in a place where we can thouroughly enjoy Winter.
206. The fun of driving on a frozen over lake (The kids find it very exciting!).
207. Getting to see little "villages" pop up overnight.
208. Having a nice and well supplied health food store even in our not so big town.
209. Living in the information age where when you want to learn about cooking/baking gluten free you can find oodles of recipes online.
210. Having fun reading and laughing (or crying ) with my children.

holy experience


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Such a fine space! I'm reading every morning or so to help me get my day in gear with the right intentions and frame of grace!

I've other help too {wink-wink} but this sure is inspiring!

See you in the Wind!

Jackie said...

Again this is a great list. We have had very cold below freezing all day temperatures here, but I can't imagine a lake being frozen enough to drive on it. That was neat to see in your picture.

I forgot to ask in my other post about the GF diet. I will look forward to your future posts about how it is going. I am getting ready to post a new recipe for a GF dough that has several uses.

Nola said...

I think that you have finally inspired me to start my own list. I've been reading your posts on this for a while and just thought why not start my own?

I love that picture of the ice huts on the lake. Mostly since I know that a lot of people would see that and wonder what it is. We also live in a place where there are ice huts popping up all over the lake! I love the different colours having a little village out there. Although I am not into ice fishing. Too cold! :)

Bonnie Williams said...

I especially like Megan's flower arrangements and the bright happy face behind it!


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