Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alphabet Adventures J-P

 We have still been having fun with our Alphabet Adventures I just hadn't gotten around to recording them here. Also some days (around the Holidays) ended up being pretty busy and I don't think pictures were always taken.

One of our fun activities on "J" day was making a Nativity set which the boys thought we very appropriate as we made figures of Jesus and Joseph. In the picture above Aaron was carefully wrapping baby Jesus in swaddlings clothes.

"K" day brought a rather interesting meal with it. We ate Kababs, Kim-Bob and Kim-Chee, the latter two are favorites from Korea which of course starts with K too! We thought about doing Kababs as we have been studying countries in Eastern Asia (like Turkey and Iran) and Kababs are a normal meal there.

And of course Ken was King for the day on "K" day.

Here are Megan's "K's" and a litle kitty that she drew.

We have been having lots of fun memorizing a verse for each letter. Usually when we memorize we have done longer sections and even whole chapters. For these we are adding a new one each school day and they are generally pretty short. For "K" day we chose "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies." Psalm 24:13

The kids were quite excited for "L" day as I made Lefse for breakfast. It is pretty yummy spread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and rolled up. (I'm not sure why Mara looks like she is about to sneeze in this picture- perhaps she was!) Ken was excited for "L" day too as he hoped I would make Lasagna. I had planned to but found out I was out of lasagna noodles but I had Linguine noodles so I invented "linguine bake" (rather like lasagna!) to have instead. It was easier to make and Ken liked it quite well so I was happy!

Here Aaron is making an "L" and a picture of a ladder on lavender paper to hang on our wall.

Writing verses has been a good time to work on handwriting.

Megan has been learning how to write the letters too which has been fun. I suppose it is possible that she and Aaron will learn to read together.

On "O" day (Sorry I skipped "N" as I couldn't find any pictures) the girls and I wore Orange.

On "P" day we cooked up the last pumpkin and then I made a bunch of pumpkin bread to give away. We also worked a lot on presents!

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