Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is for skirts!

 I really really like Spring! I enjoy Winter too but there is just something about Spring that always makes me feel excited. The warmer weather lately (We actually started having Spring weather early this year though the last couple of days have been getting colder again) has been making me want to clean and organize AND wear lighter, brighter clothing.

    Skirts have been on my mind. I have some that I want to make for me (or re-make) but I haven't actually worked on any of those yet. Instead I made one for Mara that she wore to church on Sunday and then SuSan saw it and wondered if I would make one for her. I was happy to do it for her. She has been giving so many little gifts to me kids lately, it was fun to do something for her as well.

   The project was a nicely simple one. I went through my stash of old t-shirts to see what I had in pink (SuSan's favorite color) and came up with this combination:
I cut of the bottom of the striped t-shirt to use as the top of the skirt.
I left the hem in place and used it as it was. I did take the side seams in a bit though as there were slits on the side and it was a bit wider than needed.
Then I cut some of these gore shapes out of pink (dark and light) and the striped material as well as white which I ended up needing to add.
I sewed them together, alternating the colors.

Then I pinned the top of the flared part of the skirt underneath to top part of the skirt (the old shirt hem) and sewed them together. I used both a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch. Next I made a turned down the top of the skirt to make a casing to insert the elastic. After inserting the elastic I then hemmed the bottom (using the machine) and I was all done!

It is always fun to do a simple project like that. I was able to take it to SuSan at church that evening and she was quite pleased. She wore it to church on Wednesday night.
Here she is in her new skirt. She was really tired which is why I couldn't really get a smile.

 That is one of my frugal projects for the week. What have you been up to at your house?

For more frugal ideas I recommend visiting Frugal Friday at Life as MOM.


Janet said...

That is really cute. What a great way to re-use t-shirts.

No Ordinary Me said...

For one what a great way to Recycle Clothing. Second, very cute.

Mom2fur said...

Your daughter looks very stylish in her one-of-a-kind skirt! It's cuter than most of the stuff you find on the rack. I never thought to turn t-shirts into skirts. I have a few of my own that I can't wear but hate to cut up into rags. I think I'll have to give your idea a try!

Nola said...

Great work! And so nice to do for SuSan. I was wondering how you determine what fabrics can be reused for clothing. I mean, anything can be reused to make into a rag really...even if its worn out, if it gets a hole in it with a few more washes, its just a rag. But if I were to use something "old" in clothes, or a blanket that gets fairly frequent washing, I wouldn't want it to wear out with a few more washes. I would want my hard work to pay how do you work that out?

Jackie said...

This is another great skirt. I love the colors and think it is great how you are reusing things.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Cute! Nice work. :>)

Abbi said...

Nola, Sorry it took me so long to answer. I agree that I want things to last a while if I am going to put work into them. Usually the things that I re-make into clothes were ones that had stains in some place or another, got a rip or just weren't liked as is. I want them to still be sturdy fabric (and I might give a pull test) and I don't want them pilly or anything like that. Otherwise I agree it works better just to use it as a rag.

Nola said...

Thanks Abbi, for answering. I'm going to be getting a new sewing machine sooner than I thought (a great sale coming) and I am excited about that. We decided to try to swing it earlier since I am having a lot of trouble fitting my very tall and slim girl in clothes, especially second hand (most of our shopping) and getting things that are modest (crazy what they think 4 year olds should wear). I am hoping to make use of second hand clothes to cut up and use as fabric to make her new things- not everything she needs but when I can't find something. Frugal and also okay if I mess up as I learn. :) So this advice is helpful, thanks!


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