Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new outfit for SuSan

This is my special friend SuSan. She goes to church with us and is a big blessing. She has some developmental challenges but I can learn a lot from her in many ways. She is very giving and very concerned about others. She is always requesting prayer for many people. People that might just be a friend of a co-worker but yet she is extremely concerned about them and knows that prayer is what they need. Her prayers on our prayer night are very simple yet they are completely sincere and heartfelt. I hope I can be more like SuSan in those areas.

When Mara wore the skirt that I made her to church SuSan really liked it and wondered if I would help her make one. So we arranged a date to have her over to make one. On that day my sister Anna happened to travel up and was at my parents so we decided to have the sewing party at Mom and Dad's so that we all could be together. We had a very fun time making the skirt together. We had decided to use material from a dress that had been given to me a while back that hadn't been worn much. SuSan had brought some old jeans which we cut the top off of. We then attached the skirt of the dress to it. SuSan wondered if we could make the top of the dress into a shirt for her so we re-worked it a little to try to make it work.
We were in the mood for using things up and we still had the bottom of the jeans and the ties from the dress so Anna suggested a bag. She put together the cute bag below for SuSan. SuSan was quite pleased with it all and we all had a wonderful time.


Betsy Cradic said...

It sounds like we all could learn a lot from SuSan. And from you. You're so kind and caring to help her sew an outfit.

Angie said...

That is so sweet and the outfit turned out wonderful. I bet she was so proud to wear it.

Abbi said...

Thanks, we really had a lot of fun!


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