Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some things I have seen around here lately.

I was going through my pictures and I found some that I thought would be fun to share. A side note, I am so thankful for a digital camera. I can take, and take, and take pictures and never worry about wasting film.
The picture on the side is Mara-girl at the Library. We are very thankful for our library. We all love books and it is so nice to have so many available at no cost!
When we got home from the library Mara perched on one arm of the couch to read her book, Megan wanted to be like her big sister so she grabbed a book and perched on the other end. She wasn't as absorbed in her book so she smiled for me when she saw taking a picture.
This is something Megan enjoys doing, coming up behind me and grabbing my legs and then squatting down. It is kind of hard to move around when you have someone attached to you like that!
This was the lovely play of "Little Red Riding Hood" that I got to watch not to long ago. My niece Margaret is the Little Red Riding Hood, my Mom is her Grandma, Aaron is the Woodcutter who bravely drove away the Big Bad Wolf (Mara) with a flyswatter. It was a quite entertaining show. Oh and Keren was the Mother.
Here is my working boy learning how to scoop out a squash. He is such a good helper!
And my violin, I think violins are such beautiful instruments, even my battered up one.
Here is the hairstyle that is "in" at our house. So if you come to visit you might want to try it out!
One of the trees that was so pretty after a snowfall.
The lover of socks at our house. Megan has a major fetish for socks. Until I changed her dresser (where she can't get the drawers open) she loved to get in her sock drawer and start layering the socks on. Sometimes I would find her with 7 or so socks on one foot. One foot I think was easier to put socks on than the other so often she would have many socks on one foot and none on the other. Her favorite way to help with folding clothes is to put all of the socks on.
A sleeping girl. This was after the long ride home from getting milk. In my opinion there is nothing quite so sweet as a sleeping baby.


Carrie said...

Hey! That same hairstyle is "in" at our house!

Emily said...

I like all your pictures! I guess Sammi likes shoes...haven't heard about any socks yet! :)

shell said...

We also have that same hairstyle at our house quite often. I am very excited I get to see your parents and 3 of your siblings today. Wish you were coming too.

Angie said...

Beautiful pic!

Abbi said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by!
Shelly, I wish I was there too! It would be fun to see everybody!


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