Monday, February 4, 2008

A sticky situation

Over a week ago when we were studying about New Jersey we decided to make Salt water taffy. We had read that salt water taffy was first thought of in New Jersey when some waves washed over a taffy stand that was on the beach. We found a recipe for Atlantic City salt water taffy online. This wouldn't be something that we would make to often as I don't think it has any nutritional value but it was fun to make once.
I am not sure that I got it as hot as it was supposed to get. I don't have a candy thermomoter and we were a little uncertian about the hard ball stage and a little impatient. Anyway it was some very sticky candy!
The kids thought it was very good even if it was sticky. These two spent a lot of time licking their fingers and every time we gave them something to pull it got eaten up.
Here are some dazed looking girls. I guess candy can do that to you. We tried several different flavors for our candy. Mint, burnt sugar, almond and coconut. They all tasted pretty good. We also did a variety of colors. If you don't mind a mess this is a fun family project.

Any hints for making taffy should we try it again? Is this something you have done before? Share your stories please!


Katie said...

That looks like so much fun, I have never quite had the guts to try something that messy. We make spaghetti and we are cleaning it up for days! If it has ingredients I can get here I might have to try it sometime!

Bob said...

Are you by any chance related to a Mr. and Mrs. Cobb Williams?

Abbi said...

Katie, It is a mess but it was fun. It isn't something that I will do often.

Bob, I guess I am related to Mr. and Mrs. Cobb-Williams. I am not sure if I approve of my son hyphenating his name however. And how I got a 62 year old son is another good question.

If the rest of you are wondering what in the world we are talking about you can visit my sister's blog and find out.

All in a Day said...

Kids do come up with the cutest things.

Anonymous said...

Ask Grandma for directions about taffy, hers turns out really good and I don't have a candy thermometer either.


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