Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A fun way to go grocery shopping

This past week I had a pretty long list of things that I needed at Walmart. I try to do a lot of shopping at local grocery stores but there are somethings that are a lot cheaper at Walmart. I find it very hard to get in and out of Walmart very fast so I have decided I will only go once a month. I actually didn't go at all in January but then I ended up going on Feb. 1.

Anyway the day that I decided to go my sister Keren was with us for the day and we came up with this idea to divide into two teams and split the list up and have a race. Keren, Mara and Jonathan went together and the younger 2 were with me. I wrote out two lists (mine was slightly longer because I needed to have everything that needed thinking about but I figured I had the advantage of knowing where the groceries were better). We raced through the store with I am sure many people looking at us a little strangely (okay, we weren't actually running). For the most part we didn't see the other team but 2 times they came and surrounded me and grabbed onto my cart demanding that I tell them where the raisens were. The 2nd time I did break down and give them a clue.

Keren and crew won, but we weren't too far behind. We got our shopping done (not counting checking out which took a while as we had a perfectionist bagger to check us out.) in less than 1/2 hour.

So if you struggle with long shopping trips in Walmart and would like to make it a little more exciting I would recommend a race. Hopefully you have a sister, friend, spouse or older child to do it with. It is really quite fun!


martha said...

Oh fun, next month I can join the race!

Abbi said...

Yes that would be lots of fun!


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