Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our simple and fun Valentines day

We had a pretty simple but sweet Valentines day. At the breakfast table I put at each persons place a little Valentine made out of scraps of paper. I also put a cereal bar which I had got on sale and happened to be wrapped in red and is quite a treat at our house at each place.
At my place I found the items pictured above. The day before the 3 older kids had all secluded themselves in the girls closet and made these. It was very sweet!

On Thursday morning I helped Ken out at his office while the kids stayed at my parents. It was fun because although we don't get to spend the whole time visiting it is fun to be able to work side by side. We thought about going out for lunch but Ken had a lunch meeting that he needed to attend. The kids and I ended up eating a very yummy lunch of fried fish at my parents.

We decided to have supper at home. The above picture is of our table. We put on a fancy table cloth (my Grandma on my Mom's side made this for our wedding gift. There are over 30 cousins on that side and she is making one for each one!!) I put some heart shaped tins and boxes in the middle of the table and then added some candles. We set the table with red and white plates and then folded some red napkins that we had to make it look fancy.
For our supper I wasn't feeling like cooking gourmet (I don't usually!) and we just had ham, homemade scalloped potatoes and salad. I did come up with the idea to cut the ham into hearts which was a big hit.
For dessert I made cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It was quite yummy! The texture was a little different though, not so smooth. I think it was becuase I used Neufchatel Cheese which had been frozen. I don't know for sure, what do you think?

(I was planning on sharing the recipe but I am having trouble with the line spacing (in case you didn't realize I have my share of troubles on the computer, I am just beginning to really know how to use theses things!) and the recipes was looking really funny. For my cheese cake crust I use whole wheat flour instead of grahm crackers. If anybody would like the recipe I will try to post it later.)


Linda said...

I love what kids do for Valentines Day. I came home from work and Jimmy had made supper, steak with grilled peppers, mashed potatoes, and salad. Yummy! Dale had a rose for each of us girls and a box of candy.

Abbi said...

What a nice surprise!!

Dawn said...

I froze NeufchatelCheeze once. When I thawed it, it was grainy in texture from being frozen. That might be why. Wow, you had a good feast though! I had to work second shift on Valentines day.. oh well..

martha said...

When Mom and I made cheese cake with goat cheese, which is very grainy, we mixed the cheese part in the blender. It worked really good for making it smooth.
It seems that if we could remember for anything (like squash) that is lumpy or grainy mixing the recipe, at least part of the way, in the blender makes it really nice again.

martha said...

Oh, and I love pulling out grandma's table cloth any time we're having a special meal.
Your valentine gifts are very sweet!

Minimalist Mommy said...

What a great table. I am going to make a bigger deal out of the day next year. My guys are 3 and under so I kind of let it slide. Great site and I love your organizing.

Emily said...

Valentines day was always a special day growing up for us too. Dad would get us a special card and treat and it would be on the table by breakfast time. Mom always made us a homemade card and helped us make ones for granparents! It's neat to see you doing the same with your kids!

Katie said...

I was terrible this year. But Andrew was very sweet. I kept finding little presents all over the house, all throughout the day. You do an excellent job with your blog Abbi. If you are very good with computers I don't know where that leaves me!

Abbi said...

Thanks to everybody for taking time to comment. I love to read your thoughts and ideas. I also enjoy going and visiting your blogs.


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