Friday, February 15, 2008

Learning about Connecticut and Massachusetts

Last week we learned about Connecticut. I am rather slow in posting about it. Here are some facts about Connecticut:
  • The state bird is the Robin. (That is why I decided to post my baby robin picture that I took last Spring.)
  • The state tree is the White Oak.
  • It is the 3rd smallest state in land size.
  • Connecticut's capital, Hartford is also the Insurance capital of the United States. I guess over 50 insurance companies have there headquarters there. This was especially interesting to us as Ken is an insurance agent.
  • Connecticut is a leader in Computer parts, submarines, jet aircraft engines, helicopters, ball bearings and roller bearings.

Here is a list of famous people from Connecticut.

Here are some interesting facts about Connecticut.

One of the things we enjoyed eating was Connecticut Beef Supper. When I went searching for Connecticut recipes on line I found a bunch of versions of this recipe. I assume it must be popular. We found it quite good and pretty economical. Another thing we ate was Clam chowder. We also ate Hamburgers which are thought to be first made in Connecticut.

This Week we are having a blast studying about Massachusetts. Are any of you from Mass. ? As always we are seeking any info you would like to share about your state. Also we would like to try recipes that you like. Next week we are studying about Maryland and we would love to hear any information that you would like to share about that state.


Venessa said...

Hi Abbi, this is Venessa and yes, we live in MA - we are not natives tho and I thought I would share some things that I found were different here... The roads, esp. in Boston are very windy - they were made from the old cow paths! Hoagies are subs, Frappes are shakes. There is so much history here! It is fun to go to see and learn about the diff. things. This week we are going to walk the freedom trail in Boston. Maybe if you would like I can take some pics of more historical things and share them with you. ( we are going as long as the weather cooperates) Another thing is there are not town squares or such a thing as downtown. There are town centers. The towns are very close together so you are never just out in the country - in the middle of nowhere? I don't want to take too much space - I'll post again if I can think of anything. Have fun studying MA!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ~ I enjoy reading your blog. I don't have a blog of my own so I like visiting everyone else's. I live in Maryland, in Annapolis (the capital) to be exact. Annapolis is termed the sailing capital of the world (I think locals enjoy saying that!). The US Naval Academy is located here plus lots of local history. The Underground Railroad ran through here. Anyway, there's lots! Food wise, we enjoy steamed crabs and fresh white corn on the cob in the summer. In the winter, stew, fried and, our favorite, steamed. Please email me at bookworm814 at and I can give you lots of local links and chat more about our state. Michelle

Katie said...

Mass is home to the oldest commissioned ship. Old ironside from the war of 1812 era. I am sure you probably know about that already, Massachusetts is a really neat state.

Abbi said...

Venessa, Thanks so much for all your information. That is interesting stuff for kids. I would love to be able to travel there and see all the historic places! Some day we hope to. If you are able to take pictures we would love to see them! You could e-mail them to me at If it is all right with you, maybe I could post some. By the way don't ever worry about taking up to much room, there is lots of it and I love to hear from everybody.

Michelle, Thanks so much for the information about Maryland. We are really looking forward to studying that next and I will look forward to e-mailing you.

Katie, thanks for the comment. I honestly don't remember reading about that ship being in Mass, so I am glad you shared.

Venessa said...

A couple more things- the subs that I meant to tell you about are grinders - that is more commonly used than hoagies. Also MA is know for cranberry bogging. We have not ever gotten to see that but it is very interesting. The ship that Katie mentioned is on the freedom trail - we have gotten to tour it a few times!


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