Monday, February 18, 2008

Jonathan's new quilt

I recently finished this new quilt for Jonathan. I started it in August thinking I might get it done for his birthday at the end of August but obviously that didn't happen. Jonathan has been very patiently waiting for it.

For the quilts that I make I really like to use either material scraps or clothes that are no longer being used. I have a hard time with the idea of buying brand new big sections of fabric and cut it up into little sections to make quilts. I have seen some very pretty ones that others have made doing that though, it just isn't my style.

For this quilt I wanted to make it pretty heavy as Jonathan sleeps on a bunk bed and making your bed on a bunk bed can be a big challange and it makes it easier if there are not lots of layers to pull up. I used denim and other heavy weight fabric for the top and then I put an old blanket in the middle and a t-shirt sheet on the back. (By the way I don't recommend using a t-shirt sheet for the back, especially not if you are a perfectionist! It is nearly impossible to get it straight and without flaws. It may be possible but I didn't accomplish it. Thankfully I am not a perfectionist.)

I decided to do a very simple design with a sailboat in the middle and then some stars of sorts and then mostly just squares. It was quite easy but we like the way it turned out. Jonathan really likes the sailboat.

Here is the happy boy on his bed. Have you done any sewing lately?


Katie Gregg said...

Beautiful! You are so talented.

Angie said...

I have wanted to make a jean quilt as long as I can remember but I am scared to start,I have never quilted.

Christy said...

Looks great and oh so warm, Abbi!

miranda said...

the closest thing to sewing that I have done in a long time is that my friends and I made "cheesy sweatshirts" for our staff Christmas Party. We cut out pages from a fabric story book and I sewed around the edges. I did put some batting under them to puff them out. That made it look like snow was trying to escape through. I really had a fun time. I have been trying to think of more things to make that didnt take much time to get out and put away if time slips away to fast. I am hoping for a special place in whatever home we get eventually that is just for me :). We'll see how that goes! the quilt is beautiful!...I still use the one your mom made me all the time. I love how heavy it is!

Katie said...

Benjamin has been waiting for something similar for two years(?)Haha He is so patient. I made it with denim too, so it would be nice and heavy. It makes you see your clothing in a different way. I was glad when anybody got a hole in their jeans so I could cut them up and put them in the quilt. I don't know when I will ever get it done, you really need your own space, so you can make a mess, and not have to clean it up.

Abbi said...

Thanks for all your comments.
I really am blessed with my own workroom now but that happened just recently. When I didn't have that I just kept my project in a box and had a plan drawn out so that I could haul it out and just cut out a few squares or whatever and then put it back away without making too huge of mess. Whenever I lay out a quilt I do have to make sure that I have time to finish however.

Angie said...

well you have motivated me I plan to make a jean quilt I have been saving old jeans and gettting them really cheap at garage sales so I can to hopefully I can get one done eventually. Trial and error, probably more error then trial! LOL

Betsy Cradic said...

What a great quilt, Abbi!


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