Thursday, February 7, 2008


On Tuesday we had a lot of fun going to our caucus. Both Ken and I are actively involved in our local Republican party and so Ken especially had helped to get everything ready for the caucus. I don't think a lot of people realize it but the caucuses and things like that are run by volunteers and funded by the money from local people.

Tuesday night there was a great turnout which was very exciting but it also caused a fair amount of chaos. Many people had no idea what ward or township they were in and then we had around 20 different ones in one place so it took quite a while to get everybody to their right tables. Then we didn't have enough ballets made up as we had not expected that many people so we ended up having to just tear up scraps of paper which they could then just write the name they wanted on.

It was fun to see people get interested in talking about resolutions and then deciding to be delegates to the county convention. Both Ken and I signed up to be delegates there and then we are hoping to go on to state. I think it is very important that people get involved if we want to keep our country on the right track. If we always leave the decision making up to others, they aren't neccasarily going to make the choices that we like.

I was quite disapointed to learn today that Mitt Romney was getting out of the race. That is who we had after much thinking decided to support. But even though I think McCain has some problems I think that he has it much more together concerning the issues that I find important than the opposition does.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Ar you involved? Do you even care? Or do you sit on the sidelines and complain?


Sarah said...

That's too bad about Mitt Romney. McCain is certainly better than those choices on the other side. =)

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I just started reading your blog yesterday and am loving it! Just wanted to show you some love. <3


Sarah said...

I'm sorry, I left you a comment from the wrong gmail account! You can check out my blog at


oxymoron said...

Great post. Good luck in the bid to be a delegate. That would be really a neat thing to do. I knew when Fred dropped we were doomed. Now that Mitt is gone, I don't know what I will do.

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for your comments. When I wrote that post about politics I wasn't sure what sort of response I would get.

jessicalolene said...

This is the same McCain that refused to support a marriage amendment, that voted for embryonic stem cell research, that wanted to switch parties in 2001 and asked John Kerry if he could be his running mate in 2004. Won't support free choice when it comes to schooling issues. Admittedly, economics aren't his strong suit. I am tired of a Republican party that says to the so-called religious right "give me your we'll take it from here".
I am no longer going to plug my nose and pull the lever. I am a Christian first and have a responsibility to vote as such.
McCain IS NOT the right choice to be the next leader of our country, and I am not going to vote any more for the "lesser of the two evils."

Anonymous said...

This is a great article done by National Review that shows that McCain is much more conservative on issues that we care about than Hillary or Obama.

Anonymous said...

I encourage one and all to take a good long look at!
Now here is a great choice to lead our nation!

JoAnn in VA

Bob said...

You're right Abbi. This election is evidence that more conservatives(including me) need to be involved in candidate selection proccess.

Angie said...

I hear you all, this election has been hard for me because the ppl we might really want to support aren't electable. They tie our hands. All I know is I will not vote based on any issues above the moral issues!

Abbi said...

Thanks so mucn for all your thoughts!


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