Friday, February 15, 2008

Decorating our girls' room frugaly

Lately we have been having a wonderful time decorating Mara and
Megan's room. We are doing it in a butterfly and flower theme. You can see my post on Megan's dresser here and Mara's canopy of sorts here. What has been really fun about this project is the fact that we have been able to put something together that the girls (Mara especially as Megan is a little small to care much) really like for very little money. I think I have spent about $8 so far and the other things that I have planned to make are also from things that we already have on hand.
Our very first project for decorating the room was stamping a swag of butterflys, dragonflys and flowers all around the room. My friend Irindee came over and helped Mara and I do it and we had a fun time. We used 44 cent bottles of Acrylic paint from Walmart. I bought one bottle each of purple, lavender, hot pink and light pink. So far I have had enough paint for the wall, making butterflys and I still have a little paint left.
This bulletin board is one of our other recent projects. Mara already had the bulletin board but it was showing signs of wear and missing the things to hang it up with. I took some of the extra tulle and twisted the lavender and pink together and fastened it around the edge. On top of the tulle I hot glued butterflys and flowers that Keren, Mara and I had made by painting on coffee filters. I also attached a rose that Mara had made earlier from coffee filters.
I happended to find some jewel flowers when I was looking in our bead box(they had come off of a project the kids had made at church) and so I glued on some of those too. Then we came up with the fun idea of gluing some of the little jewel flowers on the ends of the tacks so we have fancy tacks.
We have quite a few more things that we are planning on doing in the room including a new valance, covering for the night stand, a mobile for above Megan's bed and eventually a quilt as well as other things. I will be keeping you posted.

For more frugal ideas visit Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood.
As always I love to hear suggestions, ideas and comments from you!!


martha said...

I love the dress' the girls are wearing. isn't the one Maranatha wearing the one Keren wore at my wedding? Maranatha looks a lot like you in that picture.

Lora said...

i just found your blog today, and i really enjoyed reading through it! very encouraging! have a blessed day! lora

Anonymous said...

What a CUTE picture of Megan and Mara

Sarah said...

The room is coming along nicely! I bet the girls are having so much fun (and maybe mom too). :)

Abbi said...

Martha, I think that is the dress Keren wore to your wedding. It fits Mara nicely now.

Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I am having a lot of fun decorating their room.


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