Saturday, August 25, 2007

Making Roses

When looking through some blogs last week I found some that told about making roses. As a floral designer I love almost everything related to flowers, and so they caught my attention. Fresh flowers are definitely my favorite but I was very impressed with the pictures of homemade roses that I saw. Anyhow they directed my to Martha Stewarts site where it has instructions and a video to teach you how to do it. The roses are made with coffee filters, wire, florist tape and paint. It is really not that hard. My 6 year old son made one when I did and his looks pretty good too. (sorry, I didn't get a picture of his). This is a craft that was a lot of fun and I plan on trying again. The painting is where I had the hardest time but hopefully I will get better at that. This rose I gave to a friend for her birthday, I am hoping to make enough to have a vase full of them for the winter when I don't have flowers from my garden to decorate with.

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Mrs. Elliott said...

Your rose looks beautiful! And what a great idea to give it as a gift. I really want to try making one myself. Hmmm.... maybe even making some for upcoming birthdays. Great idea!


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