Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bounty from the Garden!

I love gardening, all of it: pouring over seed catalogs, starting seeds inside, planting in the lovely dirt, weeding (though believe me that doesn't mean my garden is weed free -usually far from it.), and then the most rewarding part of all- Harvesting!!
Tonight we enjoyed yummy, straight from the garden corn on the cob. We have also been enjoying lettuce, cucumbers, peas, radishes and flowers and are looking forward to much more.
Gardening is economical (if you don't count all the time put into it.) and it is the best way to have very yummy tasting food.
One of the fun things we have tried this summer is salads with nasturtiums in it. My family was a little sceptical but the kids all tried it (my husband let us have the honors). They taste fine and look very pretty in the salad.
I hope you are enjoying gardening as much as I am. What
are you eating from your garden this month?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Save us some of that ynmmy jam, please! We had some nice strawberries from our patch earlier, but since they are taking over the garden, out most of them must go! They are as invasive as a weed. I spent an hour two days ago rescuing a 2 foot garden snake from my bird net over the strawberries. He was so badly tangled that I had to either cut him in pieces or the net. I took pity on him and chose the net! For one thing, he is of the kind that eats lots of bugs in the garden. For all my pains and soft assurances of my love for him, he tried to bite me the moment his poor head was free. (I had arranged for this possibility by having kitchen gloves on, thankfully.) I turned him loose with a little toss, and he slithered away like lightning! I must have pinched him a time or two with my scissors; he was bound in that net so painfully tightly! Anyway, that's my "exciting garden story!"

As always, I love your neat pictures and stories!

Much love to all,

Sharyl, Mom, and Nana


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