Friday, August 31, 2007

Haircuts at home

We cut hair at home. This is a pretty easy way to save a pretty sizable chunk of money every year. When I figured up some very conservative estimates for our family of 6 I came up with $330.00 that we would have to pay each year if we got our haircuts elsewhere. We would also have the cost of gas and it would take more time then doing it at home. We also wouldn't get the benefit of old hair in our compost pile or around our garden to keep animals away. I am not a professional hair cutter and so I do pretty simple haircuts (or sometimes, like pictured above, my extended family helps out.).

For all the boys we use the clippers (or "buzzer") These are not that expensive to buy and they last quite well and you can get them sharpened if they get dull. For my husband I use the 3/4 inch comb for the top of his head and the 1/2 inch comb for the sides and back.
For the boys I do 1/2 inch comb on the top and 1/4 inch on the sides and back and then I trim with a scissors above the ears, and I shave it around the bottom and on the neck.

For the girls I just have to trim their bangs regularly which works best to do with dry hair and start longer than you want and then work at evening it out. (this is a place where it is easy to get to short!) Every so often I will trim the back of the hair too, which I usually do with wet hair.

For mine we did something different. I figured that a layered cut is hair cut shorter on the layers of hair that are on top. If you have long hair and you hang your head upside down the hair from the top of your head goes the farthest down and the hair from the bottom is the shortest, etc. When my youngest sister was over the other day I had her cut my hair this way. I lay on the table with my head hanging down, as pictured, then she trimmed a couple of inches off of the end. The other pictures are the result. I think it worked pretty well. It is probably not the best haircut I have ever had but it certainly isn't the worst either. It is very fast and easy too.
If you would like more info on cutting hair here are some websites that have info:


Anonymous said...

My husband has cut my hair this way for me for years....can't remember the last time I had my hair "professionally" cut. Your hair looks great

Lynnae @ Being Frugal said...

Wow! I'm very impressed! Your hair looks great!

I've never braved cutting my family's hair. Fortunately, a friend from church cuts hair, and she's very reasonably priced.

Abbi said...

Thanks much for the comments! It is cool to hear that somebody else has tried this method too.

Janel said...

I'm a "cut them at home" gal too. We just did a round of cuts last night. Both my mom & MIL have done it for years as well. (That's why I even considered it!)

Rich got his hair "cut" especially for our wedding. I had to fix it for him. He decided that I could cut it that bad, for free, so he let me at it. He's never looked back. :) He had his share of good and bad cuts for the first couple years, but at least he wasn't shelling out $15 for the bad ones! lol

I do my own as well. Instead of upside down, I stand in front of the mirror, do my side top part and then part it down the center back, bring it around front and trim it evenly. It gives it nice shaping in the back. I keep mine pretty long because my curls get light and reeeeally poofy if I go short or layers.

Those are great videos! Thanks for sharing them.

Real Hairstylist said...

Are you kidding me? I am a professional hairstylist and there is a reason why we exist. We are worth what people pay for and you get what you pay for. I am always fixing up bad cuts and bad colors from "Supercuts" or "kitchen/bathroom" salons. People that cut their hair at home dont have the special training and they keep the same 70's,80's hairstyle and never change. We charge $45-$50 a haircut. But its worth it. They are beautiful, strong and dont have to work so hard on styling their hair cuz its done right. Plus, they get to have one on one with their girls inside the salon and gissip about anything and leave all the wifey things at home. And of course the colors are amazing and shiney! I strongly suggest you visit a salon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just did this 2 days ago, needless to say, I was scared to death and I was screaming while cutting, then the result was great :D


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