Friday, August 17, 2007

Book Swapping

I found a couple of book swapping places that I think look interesting. There is no money involved besides shipping books. Here are the links, you can check them out.

I am curious, have any of you tried these? How well does it work? Are the books in good shape?


Anonymous said...

Abbi, I received your letter yesterday and have enjoyed your blog. Have you exhausted your library's resources? Are you aware that they can order in books from other libraries for you? The swapping sounds fun and like a good idea. I have several books Mara's age you could borrow if you'd like (I want to keep them for my little girls coming up)such as Boxcar Children, Janette Oke's animal books (simple versions,) Horrible Harry, Three Cousin Detectives, Third Grade Detectives, several A to Z Mysteries, Cam Jansen, and more. If you're interested I could bring them down when we go through at Labor Day and get them back some other time I'm down. Another fun blogspot is panclaninmn, a friend of ours. Shelly up north

Anonymous said...

I think jenny (johnson) was useing the papperback swap site at one time. the books she shared with me that she got from there were in very good condition. they require you to have them in good condition. If you give some that are not the reciever of your books can report you to the site.


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