Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Neighborhood Party

This evening we had a neighborhood party at our house. I had been wanting to have one and Ken (my husband) thought we should have it on National Night Out. We prepared by taking out invitiations first about a month ago and then we took out reminders again last week and then we also put out a sign at our driveway last night so that they could see it all day today. The kids and I had fun taking the invitations around. We got to meet quite a few people just going from door to door. We decided to grill hotdogs and hamburgers and then asked others to bring side dishes and desserts. We had a fun evening and quite a few came. I think getting to know neighbors is a really good thing and I find it neat how receptive people are to neighborhood parties. I would encourage others to try it. It is really not that much work, you can even have them bring their own lawn chairs and have a totally potluck meal. For more ideas check this out. Don't stress out and have lots of fun!!

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betsy said...

Hi Abbi! Great blog! So glad you have one now so that I can keep track of you and your family. :) Winn and I have always enjoyed hosting neighborhood parties. Usually around Christmastime we walk around the neighborhood delivering invitations to a Christmas open house, and we always have a good turnout. Last winter we started doing an occasional Saturday morning coffeehouse, making mochas and lattes for our neighbors. It's great fun!


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