Friday, February 22, 2008

Making a womans size jumper into a girls size one

Today for Frugal Friday I thought I would share another of my recent projects. This was a very simple one but one that made my daughter pretty happy.
I had been given the above jumper by a friend. It was a second hand one that she thought I might like. I was planning on trying it on but Mara saw it and exclaimed "Oh a jumper, I have been wanting one." I didn't need it, I have plenty of dress clothes and so though it was quite a bit to big for Mara I decided to try to figure out how we could make it work.

The jumper was a pretty thin one, with a pretty straight and long skirt that had a slit in the back. It also was a little bit empire waisted which made it perfect for making it work for Mara. I had Mara try it on and the shoulders actually fit fairly decently. I decided that I could leave them the way they were. I was able to just sew a seam down each side of the bodice to make it narrower, which simply made a little pleat on the skirt part which looks all right. And then I cut off some length which pretty much got rid of the slit and put a new hem in. That was all I had to do.

Now I have a girl who is quite happy to finally have a jumper. (I am not sure why that is such a big deal but she became aware of her lack when we had wanted to wear jumpers for "J" day.) I was quite happy too as I didn't really need something else in my closet and I am glad that it is being put to use.

Re-making clothes is really quite easy to do and it makes being able to clothe your family frugally much easier!

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mommato4 said...

What a great idea!!! That's an adorable jumper...along with an adorable little girl!!

Have a wonderful weekened!!


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