Monday, February 11, 2008

More decorations for the girls' room

This is another thing that we made last week. A tulle "thing" for above Mara's bed. A while back I had bought two 6 inch wide rolls of tulle. One was light pink and the other lavender. They were pretty inexpensive (I don't remember quite how much). We had thought it would be fun to make something from them for above Mara's bed as she doesn't have a headboard.
To make it I took an old icecream bucket and cut off the rim part so that I just had the bottom part which is around 5 inches high. I then covered it with some pink silky fabric that I had, glueing it on with my glue gun. Then I had measured strips of tulle so that they were long enough to go from the ceiling to below the top of Mara's bed. I hot glued them in the bucket, alternating colors. I had painted and stamped some coffee filters to make some butterflys. I put a couple of them and some silk flowers on the bucket with hot glue.
Then I glued some more coffee filter butterflys and dragonflys on the upper part of the tulle.
I tied back some of the tulle on each side with this really pretty ribbon which had come as a free gift in my last order from Home-sew. (Home sew is a very economical place to be thread, needles, elastic, lace and sewing notions. They have lots of fun stuff.)

Mara was quite please with the result. She loves fairy sorts of things and this room is really coming together to have that feel to it. It is a lot of fun. I am really enjoying the creating and also knowing that we are just using what we have, not spending hardly any money.


Katie said...

How did you attach the bucket to the ceiling? It is very cool,I actually like it better then the glittery fairy stuff you can buy in stores. This has a quality to it that wal-mart Princess type stuff doesn't have.

martha said...

Abbi, it looks very pretty! I'm sure Maranatha is having fun with this!

Abbi said...

Thanks girls! As for the bucket on the ceiling. I am not sure I did it real well. I hope it stays up! I used little nails (that leave barely noticable holes.) and nailed it in about 3 places to the wall. Then I also used one nail that was a little bigger and nailed it to the ceiling. I don't think I hit any studs which is why I am a little concerned that with a little tug it might come tumbling down. I guess if it does come down I will find a better way to hang it.

Angie said...

that is very pretty...we got one of those ones from the store and the girls broke it so I have to figure out how to fix it. They r very flimsy.

Betsy Cradic said...

I'm sure every young girl would love a room like that! Good job. Also, thanks for the Home-Sew recommendation! I'm always looking for a place to by inexpensive embroidery thread.


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